Beauty Bloggers in the Philippines Part 1

Hi there once again. I am glad to see you. It’s raining cats and dogs here. Weather’s a bit blustery but every thing’s fine.

First of all, let me give you a little information about the Philippines. The Philippines is a country located at South East Asia. It is composed of 7, 100 islands. The general language of the country is Tagalog or Filipino. But if you go to another region, the people speak another dialect aside from Filipino. Examples of these dialects are Hiligaynon, Cebuano, Pangasinense, Kapampangan and many more to mention. For the longest time, the Philippines was under Spanish rule, hence most Filipinos have Spanish sounding names. There are also migrants from other countries who have opted to stay here like the Chinese, Indians, Japanese.



Going back to beauty bloggers, Yes, there are awesome and talented beauty bloggers here in the Philippines. I found most of them on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and of course the world wide web. What I love about them is that they just all followed their passion which is makeup. They truly inspire me to pursue this passion as well. On July 1, I will be attending a Beauty Deconstructed seminar in the morning. I will be sharing to you details of that in my upcoming blog. Anyway, hope you can share with me beauty bloggers in your country whom you’re following as well. This is part one list of the beauty bloggers here in the Philippines.

Without further ado, here are some of my the beauty bloggers here in the Philippines whom you may want to follow (in no particular order):



Martha Sta. Barbara of The Beauty Junkee 




Nikki Tiu AMW 1_zpsaw9vk0t9

Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats




Liz Lanuzo of  Project Vanity





Raiza Contawi 

Manila Rose website



Rowena of Animetric’s World




Nicole Syjuco




Shayne Naidas of Queen of All You See



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Philippine Map 

Photo of Nikki Tiu link

Photo of Martha Sta. Barbara link

Photo of Raiza Contawi link

Photo of  Liz Lanuzo link

Photo of Nicole Syjuco link

Photo of Rowena Wendy Lei link

Photo of Shayne Naidas link

Surprise, Catrice and Essence Beauty Counters at SM

I recently visited a nearby department store called SM in my hometown Paranaque, and boy was I surprised to see the makeup counters of Essence and Catrice now at its beauty department. I truly believe that waiting is worth it all. It’s like being a little girl who finds a gold mine, only the gold mine referred to is makeup. Catrice and Essence products are recently receiving raves from beauty bloggers I am following.

It’s not easy finding the right beauty product, however these beauty bloggers are a big help to me because they themselves have tried the products. They have given their opinions regards the rating of the beauty product. Of course the comment would vary depending on how the product turns out for them. I am excited to find makeup that works for me, and has been tried and tested by the makeup experts like makeup artists and beauty bloggers themselves.

For all makeup afficionados, there are more variety now when it comes to choosing beauty products now available at SM. I am so excited to see these changes.



I hope more makeup brands come here in the Philippines.

Enya, Beach, and Healing One’s Self

(Words and Photo Credit: by Yours truly Liza Benetua)

I have loved Enya’s songs when she released her album Watermark. The song Orinoco Flow caught my attention and I have loved it ever since a friend named John who works as a seaman that travels around the world, and takes care of ships.

Last May, I went to a beach in Laiya, Batangas with friends from my Catechism. We went to a place that was not expensive but yeah, we had a lot of fun. Personally, I got caught in its rhythm. The waves were so soothing that if given the chance, I don’t want to leave.

I just want you to relax as you look at the photos here in this blog post. For my other photos, you may check out my Instagram Page @philippinesetcetera. As you view each photo, I want you to forget all the worries that you have right now. Take a deep breath in and exhale all the stress that you’re thinking of right now. View each photo slowly, scrutinizing every detail.

As you view the photos( though the real deal is so much better), I want you to relax  and visualize happy positive thoughts. Think of the people who love you and matter to you. You are loved. I want you to let go of the bad things that happened to you. Instead I want you to remember all the good that’s in you. You are worth it. You are enough. YOU ARE LOVED.







Facial Skin Cleansers I Have Tried

Before you can even put makeup, it’s very important to keep the face and skin clean. Of course the type of product you use on your face would vary in accordance to your skin type. Some would have normal skin, while some would have oily, dry, sensitive or acne prone skin. Regardless of your skin condition, it’s best to choose a product that suits your needs. I am sharing to you some of the brands I have used, local and foreign ones.

In my teens, I always get this US TEEN Magazine from a magazine stand at SM Department Store. This is where I saw the facial cleanser I used first called Noxzema. It’s one of the products that I liked first. I am not sure if this is still available here, but yeah, love how it cleans my face.

As for me, I have oily skin, that becomes a bit sensitive sometimes.  So I have to use something that diminishes oil in the first place. I am sharing to you some of the brands I am currently using. The reviews I am writing are my personal feedback and is not sponsored by any brand whatsoever.

1)Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Wash with NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor)

(Photo credit : from


Celeteque is an affordable Philippine brand. I love how my skin feels after washing my face with this product. The product does not have an irritating smell when I use it. Though the label says hydration, my first concern was, “Will this really clean my face?”. So far it did, plus my skin feels soft after using it.

2)Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream


I love Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. As soon as I start to clean my face with it, I know that I can trust the product to do its thing. Aside from that, it also smells good that after I wash my face, I can still smell the product in my face. Plus, it kept my face soft too. Keeping this in my arsenal.

3)Safe Guard DermaSense Acne Prone Skin Facial Cleanser and Face and Body Bar


I made a post about this product, and it’s perfect for me when I have a breakout. I don’t get major breakouts in the face, a few pimples here and there once in a while. But when they appear, it can really be painful and bothersome. I am so thankful that Safeguard came up with this. It is not only good for my skin, but also for the body. I get rashes sometimes in the back, arms and sometimes the legs. It can be embarrassing to be seen with such.

I know you have a favorite facial cleanser that you use. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, and what you loved most about your cleansers. Thanks Cheerio!







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Do You Really Need Vitamin C?


In drugstores nowadays, we get to see dozens of Vitamin C brands that you don’t know which one to choose. Currently, I prefer using the non acidic type of Vitamin C brand called Fern-C. Another brand marketed as well is Bewell- C and I am using this as well if Fern-C is not available. In your country, what is the best Vitamin C brand that’s being used?Regardless of the brand, the big question is, do we really need Vitamin C? How effective is Vitamin C?

To answer this question, I did some research about it. First of all, another name for Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid. What does Ascorbic Acid do to our body? Generally, Vitamin C helps in the growth, formation, and repair of our body.  According to, recommended dosage for adult is 240 mg/ day in divided doses. For children, it is best that a pediatrician determine the dosage. Usually, the child’s weight is taken and the dosage being given is according to the current weight of the child.

(Photo credit:


What are the benefits of Vitamin C?

1) It helps the body in absorbing iron. If we’re taking iron supplements, then we are also to take Vitamin C.

2)It boosts our  immune system so that we don’t get sick easily.

3)Vitamin C heals our wounds.

4) Vitamin C is needed to produce collagen which helps make our skin look better and smoother.

What are the sources of Vitamin C? Mainly, you can get them from vegetables and fruits, mostly from citrus fruits like oranges, berries and the like.

(Photo credit from


How do you take Vitamin C? Usually we take it through the mouth. But there are other ways like through the vein, being given to patients who have dengue. It can only be administered by a doctor or a nurse. In the Philippines, we can buy them over the counter, meaning that we don’t need a prescription for it. We need to remember dosages when taking any vitamin or medicines, and of course our doctor’s advice if we’re facing an illness.

Dosages and frequencies of taking Vitamin C? suggests 240 mg/ day in divided doses. The doctor may even recommend a higher dose, depending on the need.

In my experience with Vitamin C, I have noticed that my wounds heal faster when I am taking them than during those times that I am not taking them. Sometimes, I accidentally bite the side of my mouth, then later on it would form sores. But when I am taking Vitamin C, it heals the sores quicker.

A friendly reminder when taking Vitamin C. First of all, Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient meaning this is easily dissolved in water, and easily excreted or removed from your body. This means that you need to take this on a regular basis, in accordance to the correct dosage. If the doctor recommended a higher dose, make sure to take a lot of water? The reason for increased water intake is to make sure you don’t get kidney stones from it. There are studies to back this up like this study I saw at that links Vitamin C intake to kidney problems in men. Better be safe than sorry.

So do we really need Vitamin C? The answer is yes, regardless if you’re opting for fruits and vegetables or taking a supplement in pill form. It’s a way to keep our bodies free from illnesses especially if there are people, our loved ones relying on us like your children. Most especially, for our selves too so that we may be able to fulfill our life goals of becoming healthy and living it. Just make sure to consult your trusted doctor to ensure you’re getting the best advice with regards to Vitamin C intake.


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The Power of Vitamin C, taking the Correct Dose  from

Dosages of Vitamin C from

High-Dose Vitamin C Linked to Kidney Stones in Men


Learning to Love Y-O-U


by Liza Benetua

Learning to love yourself is the hardest thing to do in the world. Why? Our human nature acts as a double edged sword: it can protect you or maim you. Most of the time our human nature hurts us in the process because  we tend to compare ourselves with the person beside us. Our neighbor next door has the greener pasture while our pastures are next to nothingness.  The girl at school wears prettier clothes than you. Your coworker at the office gets noticed more than you do.

How in the world are we going to conquer this tendency to berate ourselves? I remember this scene from a Walt Disney Movie called The Great Mouse Detective. The movie shows the mouse versions of Sherlock Holmes, in the form of mouse detective called Basil. On the other hand, Dr. Watson’s mouse version is a mouse doctor called Dr. Dawson.  It’s when Basil and Dr. Dawson tails  Fidget, a bat who works for archnemesis Ratigan. They thought they have succeeded upon seeing the little mouse girl named Olivia inside a wine bottle. Turns out it’s Fidget in disguise. Basil and Dr. Dawson fell into Ratigan’s snare to trap them. Next scene shows the genius Basil moaning, and belittling himself for the mistake he has done because he had not seen right through Ratigan’s schemes. To cut a long story short, the two have to save themselves because Ratigan has decided to get rid of them. Ratigan’s human counterpart in the Sherlock Holmes movie is Dr. Moriarty.  Here’s a video I found at Youtube to emphasize my point:

(Credit video Youtube by Ems co)

In short, if you have made a poor life choice, or if circumstances are not great for you right now, you should learn how to do the following:

  1. Forgive yourself for the mistake that you have done
  2. You have power over your mistakes. You can overcome them
  3. Learn to love yourself, your flaws, your imperfections. Everything. For examples, if in your family, you have big legs, learn to love them. Tell yourself, ” I have strong legs. I can walk because of them. “
  4. From my previous blog about getting out of the rut, you can get out of anything that you got yourself in trouble to begin with
  5. Love whatever you have right now. Overcoming your circumstances begins by lovingly accepting them, and admitting that they are currently happening in your life. Afterwards, think in your mind that ” This situation I am in is not my permanent situation. Surely, everything will come to pass.”
  6. Make a list of positive traits you have. Right column will list all your strengths. What are you good at? What good qualities do you have?
  7. Make a list of negative traits you have. This will make you aware of your weaknesses. Remember, we can overcome any weakness in our life.

Heal Your Soul with Philippine Madrigal Singers Songs

Whenever I feel down, I find myself going to Youtube to listen to the songs of my favorite choir called The Philippine Madrigal Singers. Andrea Veneracion, a renowned Philippine National Artist founded this choir in 1963. Mark Anthony Carpio is the choir’s current head honcho. The Philippine Madrigal Singers have traveled around the world just to sing. They sing songs from all genre, from classical to contemporary favorites, and OPM( acronym for Original Pilipino Music). I just love their ethereal voices, that I find myself in tears afterwards.

I also got a chance to see them sing a few years ago at Robinson’s Galleria, and at Philamlife Building in United Nations Avenue, Manila. I was able to purchase their CD album MADZ in LOVE after their mini concert in Robinsons’ Galleria, and got the members to sign the CD. From the Madz in Love album, my favorite songs are What Matters Most, Wind Beneath My Wings, One Hand One Heart, Till There Was You, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, and Moon River.

Here are my other favorite songs such as:

The Light of a Million Mornings


Wind Beneath My Wings

iTunes The Philippine Madrigal Singers 


Now That I Have You.

Now that I Have You is a song originally sang by Filipino singer group called The Company. This song is definitely one of my favorites plus another song entitled We Found an Everlasting Love


Regardless of the genre, I hope you find joy in music that you’re listening to. Music inspires people to be closer. Music is the language of the soul. Hope you enjoy listening to The Madz as the choir is fondly called. If I get married, if the heavens will it, I will be using some of their songs during reception. Thanks for reading. Cheerio.




Feature Photo of the Philippine Madrigal Singers by

Youtube Sources of videos:

Now That I Have You

Wind Beneath My Wings

The Light of a Million Mornings