Heal Your Soul with Philippine Madrigal Singers Songs

Whenever I feel down, I find myself going to Youtube to listen to the songs of my favorite choir called The Philippine Madrigal Singers. Andrea Veneracion, a renowned Philippine National Artist founded this choir in 1963. Mark Anthony Carpio is the choir’s current head honcho. The Philippine Madrigal Singers have traveled around the world just to sing. They sing songs from all genre, from classical to contemporary favorites, and OPM( acronym for Original Pilipino Music). I just love their ethereal voices, that I find myself in tears afterwards.

I also got a chance to see them sing a few years ago at Robinson’s Galleria, and at Philamlife Building in United Nations Avenue, Manila. I was able to purchase their CD album MADZ in LOVE after their mini concert in Robinsons’ Galleria, and got the members to sign the CD. From the Madz in Love album, my favorite songs are What Matters Most, Wind Beneath My Wings, One Hand One Heart, Till There Was You, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, and Moon River.

Here are my other favorite songs such as:

The Light of a Million Mornings


Wind Beneath My Wings

iTunes The Philippine Madrigal Singers 


Now That I Have You.

Now that I Have You is a song originally sang by Filipino singer group called The Company. This song is definitely one of my favorites plus another song entitled We Found an Everlasting Love


Regardless of the genre, I hope you find joy in music that you’re listening to. Music inspires people to be closer. Music is the language of the soul. Hope you enjoy listening to The Madz as the choir is fondly called. If I get married, if the heavens will it, I will be using some of their songs during reception. Thanks for reading. Cheerio.




Feature Photo of the Philippine Madrigal Singers by esplanade.com

Youtube Sources of videos:

Now That I Have You

Wind Beneath My Wings

The Light of a Million Mornings




Author: Liza Benetua

Enamored with Filipino, Korean, and Japanese culture. Likes food, psychology, beauty and fashion, music, movies, anything from the '50s, old Filipino movies, Audrey Hepburn, friendly banter, witty jokes, cute pets

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