This morning I attended an event called Beauty Deconstructed at Splice Restaurant and Bar in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City. Initially I got lost, but  eventually I asked around. At the next turn, I now see before Splice Restaurant. I followed two ladies who were dressed in yoga outfit, and turns out, they are one of the sponsors.

Woomen. ph is the brains behind this awesome workshop. According to their Facebook page,  “W. O. O. men is a web-based community dedicated to helping Hair and Makeup Artists and Merchants expand their network and client reach. ”

I was able to join the event because I won a ticket from Ms Sonjia Calit’s Instagram page. I did not expect to win at all. Thank you Ms. Sonjia.

I will be posting about the workshops in the event itself in the next blog post. I got to meet like minded women who share the same interests, mainly on beauty, wellness, health and being positive women.




If you’re interested to join the W.O. O. men. ph community, please contact them at contactwoomen@gmail. com


Feature photo from page