Time to Shine and Make Those Dreams Happen

Sometimes, we wait for the opportunity to fall into our laps literally. The dream job of working abroad. Traveling solo for the first time. The person we like also likes us back. Then when life gives us a break, what do we do? The following are reactions that occur when the chance happens like:


For some unknown reason, we get scared that we’re on the verge of doing that thing we’re waiting for.


We bombard our thoughts with unnecessary mind clutter. Is this really it? Should I give it a go or not? Oh, I am not so sure. What will others say?


We tell ourselves thing like : Am I the right person for this opportunity? Will I be good enough for this job? I might make a mistke while doing my job.

These reactions are but normal feelings to something new. However we can’t let any of these overrule our lives. Change is the only permanent thing in this world. Nothing stays the same.
What is the best thing to do when you’ve gotten the break that  you’ve been waiting for? Rejoice! Jump for joy. Accept it with all your heart. No ifs and buts. Just follow your dreams and do it. That’s the only way that you’ll be able to follow your dreams and shine. Yes there will be obstacles as we go through it. But don’t let those challenges wear you down. Hold your head up high and move forward. As Rihanna’s song goes, “Shine bright like a diamond…shine bright like a diamond”



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