Goodies from the Women.Ph’s BEAUTY DECONSTRUCTED

I just want to share to you the beauty thingamajigs that I got from Woomen. Ph. First of all,  winning a ticket courtesy of Ms. Sonjia Calit’s Instagram pageto the event is already a blessing in itself.  Thanks Ms Sonjia.

In the event itself,  there was an award for Early Bird. I got this gorgeous Yves Rocher Shower Gel.

Next,  there was also a raffle and my name was drawn. I got a The Face Shop Volcanic Soil Deep Pore Peeling Scrub. I will do a review on this soon.

The next thingamajig that I got is given after the talk of Ms Ron Pena’s on Basic Makeup. It’s a BYS Correct and Conceal Palette to correct skin flaws when putting on makeup.

Before the event ended,  all the participants got an Activated Charcoal Soap from Amparo’s Apothecary.

Thank you so much for all of these Team Woomen. ph.


Feature photo image credit:Woomen. Ph website

Author: Liza Benetua

Enamored with Filipino, Korean, and Japanese culture. Likes food, psychology, beauty and fashion, music, movies, anything from the '50s, old Filipino movies, Audrey Hepburn, friendly banter, witty jokes, cute pets

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