Get Inspired with “Just Do It”

Just do it are three words of an ad for Nike. Nike is a famous shoe brand. Upon further research, advertising executive Dan Wieden reveals the original source of the famous tagline. It was originally taken from the words of a convicted killer Gary Gilmore. Gary Gilmore was arrested for robbery and murder in 1977. While being prepared for his sentence via firing squad, he uttered the words, “Let’s do this.” Hence, thanks to Dan Wieden, the words have become a famous inspirational for people all over the world.

While the origins of the slogan seem gruesome, for me, the words means to simply to take the first step. We all have plans, dream, and wish lists that we all wanted to fulfill. However if we aren’t going to do anything about these plans, dreams, and wishlists, then all of them remains but a blue print that’s not meant to be followed.


It simply means to just go ahead with what you’re about to do, and what you’re set to do. No hesitations. No ifs or buts. Take action and just move forward. Some of you might have created a list, or a chart or a graph of things they’re suppose to do or accomplish, that’s just OK. There are apps that can help you accomplish that if you’re someone who’s into notes. But for me personally, I think another way to do this is using the old school notebook. If you’re someone who loves to write, you may opt for those notebooks with lines and margins. However if you’re more into art and drawing, or graphic design, a notebook without lines will be suitable. For those who are into earth friendly brands, you can opt for those notebooks that are recycled. Here in the Philippines, there’s a store called PAPEMELROTI who sells recycled notebooks. You can check out their Facebook page here

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They’re usually colored browned, like the paper being used to buy pan de sal in the bakery. Pan de sal is a type of bread here in the Philippines.


But what will be best is to see all things in our list slowly being crossed out as something that you’ve done. Some will have crossed out a lot. Some a few. What matters is that you have to get started with what you’re suppose to do. Period. Hope you find the strength to be able to do the things that matter to you and inspire you. Who knows, you might meet someone new along the way as you start to take that first step. Hope you have a great day. Thanks for reading this. Hold your head up high and just do it.






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