Have a Keen Fashion Sense with Donna Cuna- Pita

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Brew Your Best Year featured  Donna Cuna- Pita’s workshop called  Personal Styling. Donna is an Independent Fashion Stylist and former Fashion Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine.

I first saw Donna when I started reading Cosmopolitan magazine. Aside from that, I also caught a glimpse of Ms. Donna at a Cosmo Bachelor Bash that I attended a long time ago. My sister used to work for Summit Media, and luckily I got a pass to attend the Cosmpolitan Philippines event. If I remember correctly, it was held at Rockwell Power Plant Mall in Makati. Observing Donna from afar, I noticed that she’s tall, and dresses very well. That’s why when I saw her workshop on Brew Your Best Year’s Facebook page, I decided to join the contest because I know that fashion is her expertise. Her expertise in styling will help me a lot to improve myself as well.



I was thrilled to find out that I was a winner of one of ten slots of Ms. Donna Cuna- Pita’s workshop at Brew Your Best Year’s Facebook page. The mechanics included reposting the photo on Facebook and caption it with your styling advice, and adding the hashtags #CBTLxWBP and #Brew2017 to the entry. Here is what I wrote for my entry:

2017-07-15 23_13_11-.png

A few days later I got word that I was one of the ten chosen to attend Ms. Donna’s workshop. I was ecstatic upon hearing the news. I confirmed to the organizer  that I will be joining. Hooray!

The event was held at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Bistro in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.












For starters, we were given Coffee and Bean Leaf’s Tuna Sandwiches which were very delicious, healthy, and filling. The sandwich was placed inside this gorgeous brown paper bag.


Ms Ana  introduces what the event is all about,  and is one of the hosts as well.


Ms. Nella explains what  Brew Your Best Year by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  is all about. She is friendly as she greeted me when I registered. As for this, I will be writing another blog dedicated purely about Brew Your Best Year.


Workshop Proper. Ms Donna starts discussing the Basics of Styling. She’s very funny as she discusses the technical aspects of styling for women and for men.




Ms. Donna shows how to wear a button down shirt creatively. Nice demo! I will post the video on my Instagram @beautyhealthpositivityetcetera and Facebook page of Beauty Health Positivity Etcetera as well.




Overall, the event is a success. I met a lot of like minded women who are also into the goal of improving the way they dress, and the way they look.  I met new friends who share the same aspirations and passion for styling as I do. The way you dress speaks a lot of volumes, even without you saying a word. I have learned a lot from Ms Donna’s workshop.



I am sorry for some of the blurred photos here, but the most important thing is that I was able to document the event. Though I really pray hard to the heavens for a new camera in the near future. But in the meantime, I’ll stick to what I have. Here are photo opps with Ms Donna after the workshop. Nice to meet you all. Thank you Ms Donna. Thank you Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and The Office Project. Hoping to attend more of the Brew Your Best Year workshops in the future.










Sources and Credits:
Feature image of Personal Styling with Donna Cuna Pita courtesy of  Brew Your Best Year FB page

Photo of Donna Cuna Pita from cosmo.ph 


Author: Liza Benetua

Enamored with Filipino, Korean, and Japanese culture. Likes food, psychology, beauty and fashion, music, movies, anything from the '50s, old Filipino movies, Audrey Hepburn, friendly banter, witty jokes, cute pets

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