Sunday and the Menstrual Blues


Hi everyone.  Hope you’re doing well.  Just an FYI, I am currently blogging Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. But due to some changes in my schedule, I have opted to write instead on a Sunday beginning today. My Saturdays are fully booked with activities so I have limited time to blog.

My Sunday right now is not so okay because of my painful menstruation. Prior to this, I was feeling cranky a few days earlier so forgive me for that. Every woman has this scheduled “monthly visitor” coming on a regular basis. It’s also called the red days. It’s best to prepare for this in advance. Lucky are those women whose periods are not painful. Some of my married women friends say that the pain diminishes when they got married to their husbands. I have yet to see that. But I know that they meant well.

Here in the Philippines, pads are the popular choice though tampons, the menstrual cup, and the washable pads are available already. Currently I am using this one by Charmee Feminine Pads Cottony. How I wish this pad was longer and a bit thick. I  usually get  three to four packs of these monthly and used two pads. One pack costs approximately 25 Philippine Pesos, but it may be even priced slightly higher. Aside from Charmee, I am also using Sofy and Jeunesse Anion pad.




For painful episodes, I am taking Medicol Advance Ibuprofen in 400 mg usually only when needed.



However, Buscopan has a new line called Buscopan Venus made specifically for dysmenorrhea. I bought only one because I haven’t tried it yet. Buscopan Venus so I only got one. It’s a bit expensive, and costs 29 Philippines Pesos per tab. On the other hand, the Medicol Advance Ibuprofen 400 mg only costs 10.50 Philippines Pesos. I will give my feedback about Buscopan Venus on next week’s blog post.


I also plot down the dates I had my period in the Menstrual Calendar portion of my Belle de Jour Power Planner. It’s very important to track this information so that when you visit your OB- GYN, you can show the calendar to the doctor. There are also apps for your smart phone that can help you track your period. The one I am currently using is Period Diary. It’s available for Android and iOS platforms. I posted the links below. Click on the underlined words of Android or iOs:

Period Diary Android

Period Diary iOS



Hope you can share with me what are some preparations you do before your menstruation arrives. Hope you’re all having a great day. Have a happy Sunday everyone!



Wishlist: Benefit Babies

The photos below are samplers of products that I got from Ms Martha Sta Barbara’s 7th The Beauty Junkee Anniversary last 2016.  I absolutely love them. I am planning to have these three products in my must have list.

I love their POREfessional line. It’s a lifesaver for my face whose pores are the size of giant craters (Sorry. Just exaggerating. Peace). My full size POREfessional Pro Balm is almost down to a zilch that I have to get a new one soon.  Same thing goes for my Brow Zings as well, I have used it well and about to get new ones for it too.

It’s worth spending for these thingamajigs because you know that they work and that they make you look good. For more info about Benefit’s products, you may check out their website Benefit Facebook Page.







Benefit babies lined up in a row.