Halloween Looks with MakeupPlus App

Have you run out of ideas while searching for that perfect Halloween look?  Have no fear,  the Android App MakeupPlus makes it easy for you to choose the kind of look you want,  or inspire you to create your own look.

I downloaded the app from Google Play Store

When you open the app,  you will see theHalloween themed landing pages below. There’s a short story that let’s you make a choice, like a Choose Your Own Adventure book that I used to read.

Please click on the AR GLAM icon to start doing selfies.Here are samples of photos that I took:

Makeup Plus is also available if you’re using iTunes. Please click HERE

I hope you have found the look that you’re looking for. Happy Halloween everyone!

Pink Sugar Creamy Matte Lipstick Review

Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday. Today, I will be doing a first impression review about Pink Sugar’s Creamy Matte lipstick. For more information about their products, please visit the Pink Sugar Cosmetics Facebook page. 


The current shade that I have is called Sangria. Sangria is a wine colored lipstick, or a burgundy shade. I got this when I got a loot bag from Ms Martha Sta. Barbara’s Meet and Greet. 




First of all, tbe box that is a beautiful burgundy color bearing the Pink Sugar logo. The lipstick bullet is encased inside a  plastic tube. The bottom part is transparent. You can see the actual color of the lipstick.








Here is a swatch of Pink Sugar’s Creamy Matte lipstick  Sangria on the top of my hand. The product is pigmented. Yet, I have to see how this looks when I apply this on my lips. I am having problematic lips lately.



The product easily glides on the lips when I used it. There’s no tugging sensation, like your lips are becoming one with your lipstick. When I used this, my lips were flaky at that time, so I had some preparations to do before putting it on.

I scrubbed my lips with Lush’s Mint Julips Peppermint and Chocolate Sugar Tint Scrub. If you don’t have sugar scrub, plain old sugar will do. Then I moisturized my lips with a small amount of  Celeteque Dermoscience Suncare Facial Moisturizer. I waited for the lotion to dry out so that when I wear the lipstick, my lips aren’t going to be wet.

Here is how I look after applying Pink Sugar Creamy Matte Sangria afterwards.



When I applied the lipstick,  I loved how it easily glides over my lips. However , I noticed that my lips are patchy. I had to reapply a second layer in order to achieve an even look. The lipstick is not smudge-proof. The product transfers to  the tissue paper  when you press your lips together. I wish this stays longer on the lips because I love the color. For now I’ll be using this. In the future, I will try their Sugar Tint Lip Cheek and Tint Vampy Vixen in Deep Reddish Burgundy. I am currently using the Honey Bunny Shade, which is nude in color.

Yes, Pink Sugar is cruelty-free and they don’t test on animals. You may check out the Pink Sugar Cosmetics website for more information.



1)If you’re having dry or flaky lips, the best way to apply this is by using downward strokes. Putting on the product in a sideways motion emphasizes flakiness even more. If you have thin lips, I suggest for you to use a lip brush when applying the product.

2Exfoliate flaky lips.

3) Moisturize your lips, especially if you have dry or flaky lips. Generally, I don’t suggest using lip balm when moisturizing especially if it has the consistency of thick petroleum jelly, or if the lip balm is sticky. However, if you have to put on lip balm, make sure that it’s lightweight.  I don’t like it when my lips feels heavy and sticky on lips. No lip balm? You can use a lightweight moisturizer to give your lips a boost.

Just a note, I am doing a personal review on this. This blog post is not sponsored. While it is a fact that I got the product for free at an event, I am giving my own feedback about this product.

Thank you all, and have a great day!


Pink Sugar logo from official Pink Sugar Cosmetics website 


4th PayPal Freelancer Workshop

October 21, 2017 was an interesting afternoon for me. I went to the Vivere Hotel in Alabang and attended the 4th PayPal Freelancers Workshop. It’s my second time to be in here because I was able to go to the last 3rd PayPal Freelancers Workshop at Acceler8 in Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.


The speaker for that afternoon was YugaTech founder Abe Olandres. YugaTech.com  is an online tech website established in 2002. Their site offers a plethora of news related to consumer electronics, and gadgets. They also do reviews when you go the YugaTech YouTube page.

Abe’s talk for that afternoon focuses on the basics of  Skills Upgrading. I am not a techie person, and my knowledge about this particular topic is limited. But I have briefly read a bit about SEO from the internet, but I think I need to hear out what Abe has to say about it.

First of all, Abe explains the concept of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to the audience. He shows in his presentation the reasons why SEM is imperative for freelancers:

SEM focuses on demonstrable skill that can be honed

SEM increase one’s online reputation.

SEM adds value to one’s current skillset

SEM zooms in on the freelancer’s target customers


Jerome Sangalang is the host for the PayPal Freelancer Workshop. 



Personally, I think I need to attend more workshops to gain new skills focusing on:






Aside from these, I have to upgrade my WordPress blog to a Business plan. Once I do that, I will be able to add more plugins to my site.

I plan to travel next year in order to put these skills to the ultimate test. I still have a long way to go. I am a diamond in the rough.

Finally, Abe reminds that every upgrade made to one’s skill  is an investment. It’s like you putting up gold coins inside your piggy bank. It’s you who will reap the benefits in the end.













I have learned a lot from Abe’s workshop. I also got the chance to meet new friends in the process like Axl Guinto,  Johannes Bangao, Aileen Ello, couples Wil Bajo and Khristine Callangan. I want to attend future PayPal Freelancer Workshops. I give my thanks to PayPal Philippines for the wonderful experience.


If you’re currently a freelancer, please join the PayPal Philippines Freelancers Community Facebook Page.







Here are some of the freebies that I got from the event afterwards

PayPal Canvas Bag




Photo Credit: 

Photo of Abe Olandres’ workshop from PayPal Facebook page





MUZ Sheet Mask Review

Words and Photos by Liza Benetua

I was going to  a nearby Mercury Drug store to see if they have sheet masks in store. Mercury Drug is a Philippine brand that carries not only medicines, but also groceries, makeup, and toiletries too. In our area in Paranaque, it’s open 24 hours a day.

Lucky for me, I found this MUZ Sheet Mask sold as singles. MUZ is a Korean brand under the company JA YEON MAPPING COSMETIC CO. Aside from the sheet masks, the also have the MUZ Skin Whitening Exfoliator, and the MUZ Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. 

There are two facial sheet mask variants available:

MUZ Whitening Plus Facial Sheet Mask, Whitening + Oil Control (Pink package)

MUZ Whitening Plus Facial Sheet Mask, Whitening + Collagen (Light blue package)

The variant I wanted to try is the MUZ Whitening Plus Facial Sheet Mask, Whitening + Collagen. Since I am in my 30s, and aging skin is one of my concerns, I bought this instead. It only costs for P 50.00 Philippine Pesos for a single sheet mask pack.


Reading the label, the product has the following benefits of “Whitening, Anti-ageing, Tightening and Rejuvenating, Reduces oiliness, Contains Antioxidants”








Following the directions, I simply put this sheet mask over my face for the next thirty minutes. But prior to that, I have to fix and make the adjustments as to how the mask was lying over my face.

Notice in the photo below the folds and creases I created when I adjusted the mask.I don’t like it especially when it’s blocking my eyes, and my nostrils. I have to ensure that the product doesn’t spill over my eyelids. The eyes are very sensitive so we have to make sure to protect them from foreign matter. Sorry if I look like a ghost here.


I noticed that there is still an excess  left inside the packet, so what I do is apply the remaining contents to my neck, my arms, and my hands. It’s nice that my neck and hands get the needed antioxidant boost that it needs.


Upon placing the sheet mask over my face, you can distinguish its lemony scent. It smells good.  I heaved a sigh of  relaxation, like when you’re getting a massage at a spa. The skin gets tired as well so it’s like the it’s getting a facial massage too but in a different way.

After 30 minutes,  I love how my skin feels hydrated afterwards. I think I will buy this sheet mask again. I love how it’s affordable, and at the same time, you also get beautiful skin afterwards.

Can men use sheet masks? Oh definitely. I suggest that members of the XY group to  use sheet masks as well. You can share this tip with your husband or your partner.


My concern is putting on the sheet mask over your face. It needs to be adjusted in order to fit your face. Aside from that, it’s soaked with the collagen and lemon extract so be careful when you’re about to place it. Why? The extracts might spill over towards your eyes.

Here are some of my suggestions in order to address this concern:

1)It’s better to sit down in front of a mirror when putting on the mask in a properly lit room.

2)But when you’re about to lie down, make sure your head part is elevated, not flat on bed. You can prop pillows behind your back.

3)Adjust the mask for a custom fit to your face particularly near the eyes and nose area.

If you notice anything unusual happening to your face like redness, or any allergic reaction, please remove the product and go to the Emergency Room immediately to have it checked.

All thoughts I have given here are my personal opinion of the product. This is not sponsored. I  bought this mask with my money.

Thank you for reading this, and have a great day!











The Power of Being Single

Photo credit: Marian Jean Benetua, Charm Angeles, Johanes Bangao

Do I like being single? No, I don’t like to be single. That is the honest answer that I can give from the bottom of my heart. I am still at odds trying to reconcile myself with the fact that I might become single for the rest of my life. I am not inviting you to my pity party of singleness. It’s just that I am someone who tries to accept the fact that I  am  living a single life for NOW.  I am trying to embrace the thought that I MAY never get asked out on a date, or that I MAY never find the love of my life.

Notice that I highlighted the word MAY and NOW. Why MAY? It means that there is a possibility that these situations I mentioned may happen to me, or not at all. Why NOW? Well, it means that I have to live in the present and enjoy the life that I live for now being single. Now, not next week, not next year.

In other words, for all the single people here, let us not bemoan the fact that we are single even though we try to resist this state at the back of our minds. I believe that there is power in being single. Why? I believe these are the answers that came to me while I was reflecting why I am still single:

I still need to do things that will help me to be a better person

I am with people right now who need my help.

It is my choice to be single right now

You may have your own personal reasons for still remaining single. Feel free to message me, or share if you want.

Right now, I encourage you to enjoy the process of being single. Get to know yourself a bit more. Find ways to make yourself a better person. Recently, I have been attending workshops to help me be more financially literate, and learn more about blogging and freelancing. I love doing this because I get a chance to meet new people, gain new friends, and learn a thing or two about them.

Attending a PayPal Freelancers Workshop. Photo op with Yugatech founder Abe Olandres
Photo op with Jerome Sangalang, event host for the PayPal event
With co-attendees Axl, Aileen, Johannes and with speakers Abe Olandres, and Fitz Villafuerte
Attending The Beauty Junkee event of Ms Martha Sta. Barbara

Aside from that, I am currently involved with organizations and groups that help me grow as a person

Having dinner with my choirmates Charm, Denise, and Micoy
Family Choir photo op with Kean Cipriano and Chynna Hortaleza at EDSA Shangrila
With co-catechists enjoying a daytrip in Batangas


I don’t know what works for you, but all I can say is :ENJOY BEING SINGLE NOW! Live your life courageously now! Be proactive in finding ways to enjoy these of moments of singlehood now!




Fun with MakeupPlus App (for Android)

Hi everyone! I just hope that you’re all having a great day.

Have you ever tried Meitu, Inc.’s app called MakeupPlus? I just found this app recently on Google Play Store.  It’s my first time in trying this, so please bear with me. First off, I would like to say that this is not a sponsored article. I made a personal choice to try this app on my own accord in the hopes of giving you information on feedback on how I feel about this app.


So here goes. First off, I open the MakeupPlus app, and it leads me to this landing page.




The first thing I explored is the AR GLAM. According to the information that I found over at Google Play, this functionality includes filters for a glamorous selfie. It’s exact words in the description were , “NEW! AR GLAM – Upgrade your selfie game with our suite of ultra glam augmented reality filters! From sexy cat to futuristic femme fatale, transform your selfies and make your social profiles stand out with AR GLAM.”

The next you do is to place your smartphone in front of you, and use the front facing camera feature. The photo below is what you’ll see on your phone’s screen when the camera does not detect your face.


As an example, I used the K-Palette filter. For your FYI, K-Palette is a popular Japanese makeup brand. I am currently using their 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner. For more information, please visit K-Palette’s Facebook Page


Using the K-Palette filter, this is the result afterwards. Forgive me if the photos are a bit blurred. The photos would have come out better if my front face camera has a higher megapixel. Oh well, this will have to do for now. Personally, I am happy with the results. I look like a JPOP Star, feeling like Namie Amuro, and Ayumi Hamasaki. Just kidding. Only in my dreams this will happen.




Then, I tried their SELFIE (Live Makeup) functionality of the app. It’s the first button that’s you’ll below the model’s photo.


You have an option to take a photo of yourself using MakeupPlus’ selfie camera,  (using front facing camera), a photo of you’ve stored in your gallery, or from their sample photos. I have opted for MakeupPlus’ selfie camera. So far is the result after I used it. What I love about the Selfie function is the multitude of filters that are available. Aside from that, they included filters from famous beauty influencers like Jordyn Jones, Daniel Chinchilla and many more. Forgive me, since I have been using it only now, I am yet to remember the exact filter I used for the photo below. But as far as I can remember, the filter I used for this photo is Everyday. I edited the photo even further with other tools included at the bottom such as Beautify, Lipstick and many more.


The looks you can create with this app are endless. So many possibilites to suit every mood, or need. It gives inspiration on what look to try next.  I hope you get to try this app. I will try its other functionalites. Sorry if this first impression review  only included the AR Glam and Selfie functions. I will include other functionalities in future posts.

You may encounter problems while using this app, but hey, you can always give your feedback to Meitu, Inc. Thanks and hope you enjoyed this. Have a great day!

For more information about this app, please visit Google Play Store MakeupPlus

Yes, MakeupPlus is also available for those who are using iOs. But it’s called MakeupPlus- Virtual Makeup. Please click here to check out MakeupPlus iOs



Makeup Plus info from Google Play Store


Screenshots of MakeupPlus app taken using ASUS phone


Philippines Local Buys: 1st Pharma Isopropyl Alcohol Spray

I was visiting this grocery at Quezon Avenue in Quezon City with my father. Classes and work have been suspended because of the jeepney strike, so now there’s a chance to go out and relax.

2017-10-16 02.44.20 2.jpg

It’s called the Shopwise Express. I got the chance to browse its aisles with the limited time I have since I don’t know when I’ll be back in Quezon City.

2017-10-16 02.44.33 2.jpg

What is it that I need to have right now? Yes, a hand sanitizer. So I went around the aisles, and while doing so, I was lucky to find this isopropyl alcohol spray called 1st Pharma.  According to their label, the product promises the following benefits:

  1. It’s gentle, safe to the skin
  2. It’s an all-purpose isopropyl alcohol spray. You can use it for all your sanitizing needs
  3. It gives off a fresh and clean scent


What attracted me to this product? I enumerated the reasons below:


I like this because it has a Green Tea Extract, and according to the label of this bottle, ” With Green Tea Extract that acts as antioxidant and antiinflamatory.”


I like that the product is not bulky. It’s handy, and easy to use. You just have to be careful when using this product, making sure no one is in the way when you use the spray. Make sure the sprayer pump lid cap is shut tight so that no product spills.

Aside, from that, it has a pink plastic sprayer pump that disperses the product in mist. It also has a transparent plastic cap to cover the sprayer pump. Perfect for anyone who loves the color pink.


The product is affordable, its price is marked at 26.25 Philippine Peso ( approximately $0.50 cents when converted to US Dollar)



The back label information up close






I am not sure if this product is available at all stores. But for starters, you may visit your nearest Shopwise Express store today, and ask a salesperson who works there.  By the way, this is not a sponsored blog, and I bought the product with my own money.

But no need to worry, because you can contact them via social media. For  more information about 1st Pharma products, please visit the 1st Pharma Facebook page. Thanks for reading everyone. Have a great day!