That Thing Called Brown Rice

Yes I can’t live without rice. When you live here in Asia, rice is a staple in all meals. Recently, my family switched from using white rice to brown rice. It’s my mom, my sister, and who eats brown rice. My dad prefers rice white still. I wish he could brown rice like us to. Older people tend to have problematic guts once they reached their senior years.

I like brown rice because when you’re chewing it, you can feel textures and you enjoy your meal even more. I can still feel the hull, and the bran tumbling inside my mouth. Previously with white rice, I am just wolfing it down like there is no tomorrow. However with brown rice, I am enjoying meal time more.


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Brown rice for sale at SM Supermarket


We’re currently getting the Dona Maria brand of Brown rice called Jasponica. The label says, ” Combined qualities of Jasmine and Japanese rice.” It’s brown rice, yet it’s a bit sticky at the same time.

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The Dona Maria Jasponica Brown Rice when cooked afterwards. The ratio  for cooking is for every two cups of water is one cup of the rice.  It will vary with other brown rice variants so make sure to read the label first for cooking instructions.







Benefits I have experienced and seen in myself when I started to eat brown rice. I have observe the brown rice’s antioxidant and therapeutic effect which are:

  1. I don’t feel sleepy even if I have ingested brown rice. This is the stark different with white rice. I feel bloated and lethargic after eating white rice that all I can do is sleep and not move an inch.
  2. I feel strong already with just eating it. I consider it my therapeutic food.
  3. My periods are less painful.
  4. My bowel movement is better. I poop at least once a day, especially in the mornng. The effects are devastating when you haven’t moved your bowels at all. names a few reasons why brown rice is healthy like the fact that it’s rich in nutrients like selenium, and manganese. I like that I get these nutrients whenever I eat brown rice.

For more information about the Dona Maria rice, please visit their website here ,or their Facebook page here.



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