Sambong Leaves Tea for Menstrual Cramps

First of all, I would like to say that this is not a paid or sponsored post. I am doing this for personal reasons. I am in search of a remedy to ease my menstrual pain. For the last few months, I have noticed that my periods are getting painful. I am planning to see an OB- GYN next year to have myself checked. But I need to be well rested when I start to see one. I thought I will be relaxing this Christmas, but in reality I can’t. There’s just so much to do, and it’s so hectic that I need to just unwind after all this is through.

I know I should not be relying on Ibuprofen to ease the pain, but it can’t be helped. My menstrual pain feels like the left side of my pelvis being pricked with something sharp, then a dull and heaviness felt afterwards. Sometimes, I can feel my uterus contracting and it’s just so painful. I can’t sleep at night when this happens too. Aside from that, I am also craving for something sweet like cookies, and hot chocolate drink.


I have been trying to look for alternatives aside from Ibuprofen to ease my menstrual cramps. The following remedies helped like: warm compress, and eating a healthy diet. My family is starting to eat more fish, and brown and black rice. We get fish delivered to our house because there’s this couple who sells fresh fish on a daily basis.



Processed with VSCO with  preset

My mother suggested that I take Sambong tea from ABS Herbs Company. I did further research on Sambong and I found from an article by Dr. Haider called “13 Health Benefits of Sambong.” and he mentioned that it’s  in” helping in PMS”. With that in mind, I said to myself, ” Why not give it a try?”

Generally, Sambong tea is recommended for those with kidney concerns. It also has antioxidant properties. However, please consult a doctor especially if you’re having any illness whatsoever.  I won’t suggest Sambong tea for pregnant and breastfeeding women. For further information about ABS Herbs Sambong Tea, feel free to visit the online store and  ABS Herbs official website. 

I am having my period now, the second day to be exact, and it’s at this point when I feel the cramping the most. Aside from the cramping, I am having a slight headache too. After following directions from the label of ABS Herbs Sambong Tea, I drank it. There’s no bad aftertaste or anything. But I did notice a decrease in pelvic cramping afterwards. The headache slightly decreased too. I did not experience any adverse reaction to the tea because it says from the website that it may bring about an unwanted effect to people allergic to ragweed and its counterparts. Since this tea has a diuretic effect, it reminds the users to take 8 to 10 glasses of water.  I think I will continue to use this even when I am not having my period. I want to take advantage of the fact that sambong leaves have the antioxidant effect.





Photo of Sambong leaves from Pinterest

Sambong Blumea balsamifera Herbal Tea from

13 Health Benefits of Sambong by Dr. Paul Haider

Photo of ABS Herbs Sambong tea


My Christmas 2017

Hello there,  hope you’re having a great. So far, I am sharing events that kept me busy during the holidays. I hope you have enjoyed Christmas too. Maybe you can share a list of things that you did during Christmas.  I would love to hear you stories! 

1. I got Christmas chocolates as presents from family

2. I met an old friend at Market Market in Taguig.  It’s been a while since last saw Mel, a co-worker I met ehen I was working for a pharmaceutical company in Makati. 

3. Sang in a choir on Christmas eve with the Family Choir 

4.  Ate pre Christmas lunch at Wang Fu Restaurant with the family 

Things To Accept Now for a Better 2018

Hi there every one! Hope you are all having a Happy Christmas celebration regardless of your life circumstance. I was so busy with caroling duties and other tasks that I just feel tired afterwards. My schedule for blog posts is on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays but since it’s the holidays, my schedule just went ballistic that I’m having little sleep. So I  decided to temporarily postpone blogging. Anyway, everything will go back to regular programming tomorrow as I make another post for Tuesday. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone!

What can we do to make 2018 a better year for us all? It’s a given that we can’t control the things that will happen to us in the future. However, I believe that no matter what happens,  we can focus on things that we have control over. Here are some things that we need to accept so that 2018 is  better for us all:



  • You Have to Learn How to Receive

I have seen this when you give someone a gift and they say to, “You shouldn’t have bothered” , or in my native tongue of Tagalog, “Nag-abala ka pa“. Some people react negatively when they are being given something because they think they are being pitied upon.

Worse, some think that when you’re giving them something, it’s like a putdown for them and humiliating them. It’s like  you’re bragging and telling them in your face that , “It’s something you can’t afford that why I am giving you this. ”

I beg to differ in this case because when a person gives you something, included in that gift are their good intentions and happy thoughts for you. We should not say negative statements when we’re being given a gift like, “I don’t deserve this. ” Only two words are needed, and that is “Thank You.” I’ll be doing another blog post about this in the near future.


  • Your Talents, Flaws, Warts and All Your Imperfections

We have to love everything about ourselves. The freckles that line our faces. That port wine stain that covers one side of your face. That beautiful brown skin you were born with. Your knack for playing the trombone. Anything.  I know it’s not easy especially when there are people who might not say good things about us. Yet, we should not be defeated and we must persist. People will always talk. Damn if you do, and damn if you don’t. We have to love ourselves: our perfections and imperfections.

Yet if there’s something you want to change about yourself, do it gradually or set realistic goals on how you can attain it.

  • That there will be people who will like us and there are those who won’t

We find ourselves wanting to be in agreement with every person we meet: at work, school, or at establishments. However, there will be times that there will be people whom you meet who are “tough nuts to crack”. They  will never be your friend no matter how hard you try even when you try to give them something.

Solution: Forgive that person or persons, and move on. Consider them as learning experiences so that you will know what to do next time. Instead, surround yourself with people who will love you unconditionally no matter what.

  • You Need to Get out of your Comfort Zone Once in a While

Yes, it always feels safe to be in familiar places, but you grow more as an individual when you face adversity. Yes, when you do things beyond your comfort zone. The choices are endless. For example, if you’re someone shy, try to ask help someone to help you gain self-confidence. I have social anxiety and sometimes I get scared when meeting new people. Yet recently, I have been attending events that allow me to network with other people like this Blogapalooza event for bloggers and vloggers that was held at the City of Dreams casino.

I recently watched this video of a boy who stutters, yet he was able to give a speech with the help of his English teacher. I would love to be a teacher who helps a student accomplish their goals.


  • You have to Forgive No Matter What

People will always make mistakes so it’s important that we learn to forgive. It’s always easy to have that revenge mentality.  We want those people who have hurt us feel the same pain as we did.   I recently finished watching Criminal Minds Season 11 and 12 over at My favorite character is Dr. Spencer Reid. The common thread I see in most cases is revenge for those people who have hurt them. Unfortunately, the criminals in the TV series usually end up hurting people who are not at fault. Revenge imprisons us and keeps us in the dark. This is what unforgiveness does to a person. Unforgiveness hurts those who are not directly involved in our anger. Anger that consumes them, all that plotting and planning that it disrupts work, and life, and relationships with people. A healthy way to deal with anger at someone is to confront the person involved and talk about it.

I know that it’s not easy, but believe, I recently had a hurtful experience that shook me. I got sick afterwards after having that altercation with that toxic person.  This is the reason why I wrote my last blog post Project Kindness. I have forgiven this person who hurt me, and moved on with my life.

Some may have objections about this, but I believe in the power of forgiveness. People who forgive have the power because this frees you from bondage from the person who hurt. For those  who may have experienced a deeper hurt, I am hoping that you can find someone you trust to tell, a support person. I want you to be healed from that hurt.

  • You Don’t Shun Love Away

The love that we know of is romantic love, the kind that thrills and excites us when we see the person we want to be with for the rest of our lives like being in a roller coaster. But what happens when that romance is all gone? For example, when both of you become old and frail, teeth falling out, and having uncontrolled bladders, will you still love each other? What will you do when you realize that a family member suddenly becomes temperamental due to an illness, will you give up? I am talking about agape, a kind of love that is unconditional, a love that accepts, and forgives no matter what .

Another point I must make is for those who have experienced a heart-break in their lives.  For example getting dumped or rejected. I have had that experience where I told a guy that I liked him, but he’d rather be friends. Well I got hurt at first, but I am glad I am still friends with him despite that. Why? It’s because we were friends from the start.

Another situation I had is from this guy who I really like so much, and it turns out that he’s gay. I wish he had told me that because I would have accepted what he said. I may get hurt, but yeah at least he should have told me. But that didn’t happen because the only thing he said to me was that he needed space.  I am yet to have closure with this guy because I never got the chance to talk to him about it. Every time I  go to this place, I see him there but you know it in your heart that he likes someone else because if he did really like me, he’d push for it and go after me. But he didn’t. End of the story.

What’s the point of these examples I have given? Choose love no matter what. If you have not experienced love at all from those who should give you love, then look for someone to love like those lonely people in the Nursing home near you, or your pet whom you consider family. I love my little bunny Earl Grey who is going to be three next year. I will go crazy without him. I find myself talking to him sometimes about things that happened to me. I call him Bunnyssissimus Dorsi and Floofster. Funny but true.

Earl Grey the bunny

If there’s someone who may be hinting at you, and you like them too, please, don’t be afraid and give love a chance. You have to give fate a hand.  For those who are lucky enough to find the love of your life, don’t be afraid to show them actions that express that love. I remember one of my teachers in school say that, ” Love must be felt. It must show in everything that you do towards others.” Let’s make things simple.  After all, love is not a noun but a verb, as country singer Clint Black puts it in his song entitled Love is Something that We Do

Make Christmas Greeting Card with Android Meitu Beauty Cam, Photo, Tech magic, ArtBot (Beta)App

Looking for a way to create your own digital Christmas cards that you can share via social media? Have no fear because the Meitu app came up with Christmas Limited Edition functionality. You can also check out Makeup Plus app which is another Meitu Inc. app.

You can download the app from the following links below:

Google Play Meitu app

Apple Store iTunes Meitu

To get started making your custom digital Christmas, here’s what you’re going to do:(I have included screenshots to make things easier)

1)Open the app

2) You’ll be lead to this page below. You’ll see the first Christmas card design. Click on the CREATE button below to choose that template.  For other designs,  simply scroll down  further.


3) I choose the first template,  the card that is colored red. Afterwards, I was  prompted to take a photo using the smartphone camera.


5) But you can also choose a photo from your gallery by clicking on that left icon beside the camera button.  For this tutorial,  I chose a photo from my gallery:

6) I scrolled my photo gallery, and opted for  this photo for demo purposes.

7)Once a photo is selected,  the app will automatically do its work,  and lead you to this screen shown below. You’ll see at the bottom part of your smartphone other enlisted filters.  This particular Christmas filter is called POSTER. You’ll also see the Christmas template below highlighted in a blue box.

9) If you’re happy with the photo you selected , click the blue check button ✅. It will lead you to the page indicated below:

10)Click on the white check button at the right hand corner of the screen to complete the process (White check button is located above the white COMPARE button). Voila!  You now have a digital Christmas card ready to be posted in your choice of social media accounts .

11)Check your photo gallery to see if it has downloaded successfully. I checked my photo gallery and so far I see that it’s the first photo,  meaning it’s the latest image taken. Feel free to explore other filters. I hope you have fun making this!  Enjoy! 😍😍😍😍

Project Kindness

Earlier I have witnessed an act of unkindness from someone whom I least expected to show that negativity. I was affected that I got sick afterwards. Yes, I had fever and headache right after that. 

There’s a quote that goes,  “Sticks and stones may break my bones,  but words never hurt me. ” I beg to differ,  therefore I say that words hurt especially those said negatively. 

I truly believe there is power in the words people utter toward each other, regardless if it’s done in a positive or negative manner. 
I don’t want to dampen anyone’s spirit here when I say this. Having first hand experience of unkindness serves as an eye-opener to the reality that this is a tough world we live in. I am suddenly reminded of a Charlie Chaplin movie called Modern Times wherein Charlie gets caught in the web of the modern age, frustrated at life.

It’s easy to give in to revenge towards the person who wronged us. And if we give in to such behavior,  we become  exactly  as that  person who hurt us.  So the best answer to this is to be magnanimous and learn to rise above the waves of unkindness.  

This 2018, I will ensure to say a kind word to anyone who passes by,  and to anyone I neet along the way.  

My Christmas Wish List

Photos by Liza Benetua (photos included here that are not mine are given credit to their rightful owners)

I am now claiming that 2018 is my year. I will not say, “I wish that my 2018 is going to be great” but I will say to myself over and over again that things are better in 2018.

I have things I plan to do next year and here is the list I have made:

1)Travel the Philippines, my home town, more. 

This year, I was able to visit different provinces in Bataan like Balanga, Orani, Orion, and Abucay during a Lenten pilgrimage that I attended. Then for my church group’s summer outing, we went to San Juan, Laiya, Batangas.







Next year, I am targeting the West Visayas, particularly my dad’s home town Silay City,  and my mom’s home town Talisay, Negros Occidental. Hopefully,  I want to go to Iloilo too. What I love about Negros is the fact that they have preserved the ancestral houses that were built in earlier years. I am also planning to do a sentimental journey as well, and see those places that my dad hangs out at. Well, I wish someone can accompany me on my journey, a special someone perhaps. But all that will happen at the right time.

Silay City, Negros Occidental (photo of Balay Negrense By Kguirnela – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,



2) Get the best equipment for future vlog, and improve my blog

I am planning to migrate to YouTube, so I want to get a good camera that will produce clear, and crisp videos when I upload them. At the same time, I want better looking photos for my blog as well. I am considering getting the following:

Canon EOS M100 (source photo from




A GoPro Hero 5 (source image from

Go Pro.jpg


3) Take professional makeup artist courses

Yes, I want to be confident when applying makeup. I want to learn about the technical side of makeup. I am considering Maquillage Professionnel  or Center for Aesthetic Studies. 

However, if this is not possible, I will just go back to watching YouTube videos of makeup tuorials in the mean time while saving to take up classes.

(source photo from Center for Aesthetics Studies FB)



(source photo from FB page of Maquillage Professionnel)



4) To attend more events and workshops in 2018

I am blessed to have met new people in the various events and workshops that I have attended. The recent ones were the Blogapalooza 2017,  Personal Styling Workshop by Donna Cuna- Pita,  PayPal Freelancers Workshops of Abe Olandres,  Fitz Villafuerte and Liz Lanuzo, founder of Project Vanity,‘s Beauty Deconstructed and Media Launch ,  Jellyfish Consultancy Education Fair, and The Beauty Junkee’s 8th Anniversary Meet and Greet 












Himalaya Herbal Products to Check Out

Lately, I am wanting to try more local beauty products in my home country Philippines. So I headed for Mercury Drugstore because I have been eyeing this brand for quite sometime. It’s called Himalaya Herbals. 

So far, reading the label, I found out that they don’t test on animals which is a good thing for me. Aside from that I noticed that the price is affordable as well, less than 200 Philippine Pesos (approximately US $ 3.00). Himalaya Herbals is perfect for skin -conscious people on a tight budget.

Here are some of the products that I will try. I will give my review about them in future posts. I am so excited to give my feedback. 

For more information about Himalaya Herbals, please visit the Himalaya Herbals Philippines Facebook page.  

Cool Penshoppe Gift Suggestions 

Penshoppe is a local Philippine brand that sells clothing mainly. They also sell fragrances at an affordable price. I love this brand way back in high school and even up to now. 

If I remember correctly,  I think they were one of those companies who have ads  showing on TV during the 1995 World Youth Day. World Youth Day was held here in Manila.

I visited Mercury Drug Store this evening and I saw these adorable Penshoppe gift boxes that they have.  These are the perfect for those who love scents. 

Each box comes with a freebie like a keychain or tag. For more information about their merchandise, please visit the Penshoppe Official Website, their Zalora page  and the Penshoppe Facebook page. 






Just a little trivia.  Many international stars were featured in Penshoppe ads. In the 90s till early 2000 alone, there’s the Irish band Boyzone. The theme for their ad was Speak as One. They have other Penshoppe ads  that played their song When the Going Gets Tough.

(Source: YouTube page fleppy85)


(Source: YouTube Penshoppe page)


Mandy Moore is another international endorser that Penshoppe featured too.


I hope that you enjoyed reading this. Wishing everyone a great day!