Project Kindness

Earlier I have witnessed an act of unkindness from someone whom I least expected to show that negativity. I was affected that I got sick afterwards. Yes, I had fever and headache right after that. 

There’s a quote that goes,  “Sticks and stones may break my bones,  but words never hurt me. ” I beg to differ,  therefore I say that words hurt especially those said negatively. 

I truly believe there is power in the words people utter toward each other, regardless if it’s done in a positive or negative manner. 
I don’t want to dampen anyone’s spirit here when I say this. Having first hand experience of unkindness serves as an eye-opener to the reality that this is a tough world we live in. I am suddenly reminded of a Charlie Chaplin movie called Modern Times wherein Charlie gets caught in the web of the modern age, frustrated at life.

It’s easy to give in to revenge towards the person who wronged us. And if we give in to such behavior,  we become  exactly  as that  person who hurt us.  So the best answer to this is to be magnanimous and learn to rise above the waves of unkindness.  

This 2018, I will ensure to say a kind word to anyone who passes by,  and to anyone I neet along the way.