Not My Week

Forgive me for my lack of posts,  but I was feeling rather poorly since Saturday last week.  Menstrual cramps were bugging me while I was trying to register for a pilgrimage I will be attending this February. The cramps subsided a bit after two days.

Luck is still not with me because  I was down with fever,  cough and colds next.  I was down and out for the next three days just lying down,  feeling weak.  I had to force feed myself or else I wouldn’t have the strength at all.

While I was sick,  I noticed that I easily burned off all the food I ate. I was hungry after two hours that in the early morning,  I had to get a slice of bread and juice. All the food I ate went into helping the body repair itself.

When I woke up this morning,  it was the worst hunger pang I ever had. Have you tried  waking  up in the morning so famished,  your mouth is dry, and you’re just downright irritable?

And the worst?  Anything I eat tastes bitter.  My dinner tonight consists of oatmeal and pesto bread.  It’s all I can tolerate.  My favorite black rice doesn’t smell right and feels hard on my palate especially when I chew. I am on soft diet galore.  As I am speaking I am having difficulty swallowing because I feel that my throat is sore from too much coughing.  Drinking lots of water to hydrate myself.

What is the point in all this?  Even when things are not going your way, you got to find a way to overcome it.  In my case,  if I don’t force myself to eat, I won’t have any energy whatsoever. I wanted to boost my mood too,  and the the trick to raising those endorphin levels?  Watching cute animal videos, and in my case,  watching cute,  cuddly,  and clingy baby Pandas 🐼🐼🐼🐼sticking to their caretakers like glue.  I felt happy after that.

I have gained a bit of strength that’s why I am blogging.  However don’t want to abuse my body by sleeping late.  I will sleep after I finish this post.
Giving you some more good news before I go, dear readers. I saw my Facebook feed today and I saw a photo of my niece . She met the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker- Bowles and shook hands with her.  My sister on the other hand saw Prince Charles.  They waited for hours for them to arrive.  So lucky!!!! 😍😍😍😍


I am on the way to recovery till next week. Please keep your fingers crossed.  Have a great day everyone!


Panda YouTubeVideo link courtesy of iPanda YouTube

Photo courtesy of Cheryl King

Help Jazper Win at the BodyCon

The first time I met Jazper was at an event at PayPal featuring Liz Lanuzo. He was energetic while doing his emcee job. I was not able to talk to him after the event because he was on his way to another event. I decided to follow him on his social media accounts instead. Then I saw on one of his posts show that he is competing for the Gold’s Gym Body Con 3.0.  From that I have learned of his story, on how he lost weight and kept it as it is.

Seriously I was touched with his story because I also had struggles with losing weight. There were personal concerns that happened a long time ago that I resorted to food for comfort. Even if it was for a moment, food made me happy. I have also heard side comments from people putting me down because I gained weight. I was called Dabyana, and snide comments like, “She’s pretty but she’s fat.” In a party of a neighbor, this scrawny and mean looking old woman tells to my face that I was fat.

Anyway, please help Jazper to the top at the Gold’s Gym BodyCon 3.0 competition. I believe he truly deserves to be the winner. Please like his photo on Facebook and share it to many who needs to be inspired to lose weight just like he did. Click on the link here Gold’s Gym Ph BodyCon 3.0 Jazper Tiongson. 
Photo Credit: Gold’s Gym Ph Facebook 

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Remedy for the Broken Heart

It’s not easy to go through life especially if your heart’s got broken. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since that gut wrenching experience. Days. Months. Even in years for some. It gets worse around the holidays where everyone is merrymaking. That’s when the blues become more evident. Laughing on the outside, dying on the inside moments.



There are those whose lives are in autopilot mode after such harrowing event. I got my heart broken when I told some guy at work that I like him, only to find that he doesn’t like me back. It’s a good thing that we started as friends, and ended up as friends even when that happened.




What are you suppose to do when this happens then? I remember Dr. Phil McGraw from Oprah’s show. He has this book called Life Strategies. He says that, “people do what works for them.” In short, people will always try to figure out how to survive a broken heart no matter what. But it takes time.

I am not dictating you as to what you will do when one day this heart breaking moment happens. What I can do is merely suggest. In my opinion, I think we humans all need a template on how to live your life. A guide that one can follow.  Here are some suggestions on how you can mend that broken heart when it happens:



I just think that this is the first step towards healing. Accepting the fact that it happened to you.

Yes, you have to process what happened to you. You have all that emotions buried up inside. Let that out. I remember from a movie called Girl, Interrupted that stars Whoopi Goldberg as Nurse Valerie, Winona Ryder who plays Susana, and Angelina Jolie who plays manipulative Lisa. There was a point in that movie when Susana comes up to Nurse Valerie and says to her, ” How am I suppose to recover when I don’t understand my disease?”. Nurse Valerie says to her that she write it down in her diary, and not keep it inside of her.



I think we can follow Elisabeth Kubler Ross theory on the Five Stages of Grief which includes:




I find the website helpful. They explained in detail her theory. You may check out the website HERE.

Yes, surround yourself with friends and people who matter to you. Find people people whom you trust to talk to. Remember you are loved. We are social beings, and we are meant not to be by ourselves. We need the company of other people. If you have a pet whom you love, you can talk to them. I talk to my pet bunny Earl Grey when I feel sad sometimes.



You are worth it all, in spite of your imperfections, weaknesses.  We are made up of our strengths, talents, flaws, warts, moles and all. Love them all. It’s what makes you you.


Once it happens to you, don’t let the experience stagnate you or pull you down. Move forward. I think the best quote for this is from the movie Finding Nemo wherein Dory says, “Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming.”

At this point, you may think things like “What have I done to make this happen?” If you did something that caused it to happen, forgive yourself. We all make mistakes even when we don’t want to. Blaming yourself too much or another won’t help at all heal your broken heart. It’s just going to worsen it.


There’s this mentality that if you forgive the person who did you wrong, it’s like you’re letting them off the hook. I don’t think so. You’re forgiving the person because when you do so, you have power over your situation. You are the one in charge of your life when you forgive, and not the other way around.

I know it’s not easy to do so when that person really said or did something nasty or horrible that you are left speechless. I know that it will take time, and I am not forcing this on anyone who has underwent terrible circumstances.

However, as much as possible, I will still encourage to forgive. When you forgive, you release yourself from the bondage of that person who has wronged you. It’s easy to fall into the snare of revenge, but all that will bring is more pain to you. THE ONE WHO FORGIVES HAS THE POWER. YOU CHOOSE TO BE A BETTER PERSON. 



This is the hardest part. How do you move on? Here are some things I suggest that will help you process this, and to get on with your life:

  1. Focus on things that matter to you. It can be anything like your hobbies, your job, or causes or anything that interests you. I like the concept of adult coloring books ( or even if it’s a child’s coloring book that you’re using). Even for a monent, it allows you to focus on what needs to be done. You have control on what color you will use.
  2. Remove yourself from situations that remind you of what happened to you. Yes, it’s easy to watch those movies (usually romantic flicks) that have a similar vibe to what you have experienced. If it proves to be a trigger that you become trapped, get away from it. Period.
  3. Sometimes, memories will linger. I know it’s not easy to forget those times you were together, but then again, reality check. You’re no longer together anymore. So get back on track and start to make your life better now.
  4. If you’re someone who loves to write or draw, why not do a creative journal about your life experiences. You can use photography or vlogging as a channel to express this. But who know you might find more ways to move on. It’s all about introspection.
  5. Spend more time with people you love. What are some common things that you and your friends enjoy?
  6. Do a personal inventory yearly and ask yourself, “What are you good at?”. I bet you can find an answer to this every time.


I leave you with inspiring words from Elisabeth Kubler Ross. Remember you are worth it all. You are loved.



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Unboxing Part 2: Beauty Holiday Giveaway from It’s Apples World

Hello there everyone!  Hope you’re all having a fabulous time. Recently,  I won some fabulous skin care and makeup products from beauty blogger and good friend Apple Caplis. Her Official blog, YouTube,  Facebook,  and Instagram is It’s Apple’s 🍎 World. Please follow her account because she gives honest feedback on products that she uses. 

I got word from Apple that I will be getting it soon,  and it will be arriving via the LBC courier. At last,  the package arrives Monday afternoon. 

Here is a glimpse of the contents after I opened the top part of the box:

Now, I present to you what’s inside:

Coco Line Naturals Lotions

Yes,  there two bottles of this coconut- based lotion and I’m glad they’re paraben-free. I will be doing my review on this soon

A Variety of Sheet Masks

Holika Holika’s Waterdrop Tinted Foundation in Honey Shade
I am glad to have gotten this because I was running out of foundation. I want to give this a try. 

W is Important Lip Tint

HopeGirl Magic Lash Long and Long Mascara

Pony Effect Deep and Pure Lip Tints in the Colorful and Blissful Shades 

Etude House Dear Darling Tint

Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I feel lucky most of the products that I got are made from Korea. I hope you have a great day. Will be going out to meet some friends. Take care everyone!😍😍😍😍

Unboxing Part 1: My Beauty Haul this 2018 

First of all,  Happy New Year to you all. Hope you’re all having a fabulous day.

I can’t believe my eyes and ears. I won two giveaways from beauty bloggers Apple Caplis of It’s Apple’s World and Rowena Lei of Animetric’s World. What a way to start the year.





The LBC box from Apple

The Zoom package from Rowena

First,  I will show you a glimpse of the beauty stuff I got from Apple:

Second, I will show you the goodies I got from Rowena’s previous giveaway.  I got Seoul White Korea skin care products as prizes:

Aside from these prizes,  I got my order of makeup brushes from Lazada. com. I was expecting them to arrive the earliest on Tuesday and the latest till Saturday because I chose standard shipping. But they arrived on Monday. Good job Lazada.
Lazada. com parcel

So that’s it for now. Posting part 2 of this details of the products from Apple and Rowena’s giveaway. Happy New Year once again everyone!!