Unboxing Part 1: My Beauty Haul this 2018 

First of all,  Happy New Year to you all. Hope you’re all having a fabulous day.

I can’t believe my eyes and ears. I won two giveaways from beauty bloggers Apple Caplis of It’s Apple’s World and Rowena Lei of Animetric’s World. What a way to start the year.





The LBC box from Apple

The Zoom package from Rowena

First,  I will show you a glimpse of the beauty stuff I got from Apple:

Second, I will show you the goodies I got from Rowena’s previous giveaway.  I got Seoul White Korea skin care products as prizes:

Aside from these prizes,  I got my order of makeup brushes from Lazada. com. I was expecting them to arrive the earliest on Tuesday and the latest till Saturday because I chose standard shipping. But they arrived on Monday. Good job Lazada.
Lazada. com parcel

So that’s it for now. Posting part 2 of this details of the products from Apple and Rowena’s giveaway. Happy New Year once again everyone!!

Make Christmas Greeting Card with Android Meitu Beauty Cam, Photo, Tech magic, ArtBot (Beta)App

Looking for a way to create your own digital Christmas cards that you can share via social media? Have no fear because the Meitu app came up with Christmas Limited Edition functionality. You can also check out Makeup Plus app which is another Meitu Inc. app.

You can download the app from the following links below:

Google Play Meitu app

Apple Store iTunes Meitu

To get started making your custom digital Christmas, here’s what you’re going to do:(I have included screenshots to make things easier)

1)Open the app

2) You’ll be lead to this page below. You’ll see the first Christmas card design. Click on the CREATE button below to choose that template.  For other designs,  simply scroll down  further.


3) I choose the first template,  the card that is colored red. Afterwards, I was  prompted to take a photo using the smartphone camera.


5) But you can also choose a photo from your gallery by clicking on that left icon beside the camera button.  For this tutorial,  I chose a photo from my gallery:

6) I scrolled my photo gallery, and opted for  this photo for demo purposes.

7)Once a photo is selected,  the app will automatically do its work,  and lead you to this screen shown below. You’ll see at the bottom part of your smartphone other enlisted filters.  This particular Christmas filter is called POSTER. You’ll also see the Christmas template below highlighted in a blue box.

9) If you’re happy with the photo you selected , click the blue check button ✅. It will lead you to the page indicated below:

10)Click on the white check button at the right hand corner of the screen to complete the process (White check button is located above the white COMPARE button). Voila!  You now have a digital Christmas card ready to be posted in your choice of social media accounts .

11)Check your photo gallery to see if it has downloaded successfully. I checked my photo gallery and so far I see that it’s the first photo,  meaning it’s the latest image taken. Feel free to explore other filters. I hope you have fun making this!  Enjoy! 😍😍😍😍

My Christmas Wish List

Photos by Liza Benetua (photos included here that are not mine are given credit to their rightful owners)

I am now claiming that 2018 is my year. I will not say, “I wish that my 2018 is going to be great” but I will say to myself over and over again that things are better in 2018.

I have things I plan to do next year and here is the list I have made:

1)Travel the Philippines, my home town, more. 

This year, I was able to visit different provinces in Bataan like Balanga, Orani, Orion, and Abucay during a Lenten pilgrimage that I attended. Then for my church group’s summer outing, we went to San Juan, Laiya, Batangas.







Next year, I am targeting the West Visayas, particularly my dad’s home town Silay City,  and my mom’s home town Talisay, Negros Occidental. Hopefully,  I want to go to Iloilo too. What I love about Negros is the fact that they have preserved the ancestral houses that were built in earlier years. I am also planning to do a sentimental journey as well, and see those places that my dad hangs out at. Well, I wish someone can accompany me on my journey, a special someone perhaps. But all that will happen at the right time.

Silay City, Negros Occidental (photo of Balay Negrense By Kguirnela – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4370714)



2) Get the best equipment for future vlog, and improve my blog

I am planning to migrate to YouTube, so I want to get a good camera that will produce clear, and crisp videos when I upload them. At the same time, I want better looking photos for my blog as well. I am considering getting the following:

Canon EOS M100 (source photo from snapshot.canon-asia.com)




A GoPro Hero 5 (source image from amazon.com)

Go Pro.jpg


3) Take professional makeup artist courses

Yes, I want to be confident when applying makeup. I want to learn about the technical side of makeup. I am considering Maquillage Professionnel  or Center for Aesthetic Studies. 

However, if this is not possible, I will just go back to watching YouTube videos of makeup tuorials in the mean time while saving to take up classes.

(source photo from Center for Aesthetics Studies FB)



(source photo from FB page of Maquillage Professionnel)



4) To attend more events and workshops in 2018

I am blessed to have met new people in the various events and workshops that I have attended. The recent ones were the Blogapalooza 2017,  Personal Styling Workshop by Donna Cuna- Pita,  PayPal Freelancers Workshops of Abe Olandres,  Fitz Villafuerte and Liz Lanuzo, founder of Project Vanity,  Woomen.ph‘s Beauty Deconstructed and Media Launch ,  Jellyfish Consultancy Education Fair, and The Beauty Junkee’s 8th Anniversary Meet and Greet 












Cool Penshoppe Gift Suggestions 

Penshoppe is a local Philippine brand that sells clothing mainly. They also sell fragrances at an affordable price. I love this brand way back in high school and even up to now. 

If I remember correctly,  I think they were one of those companies who have ads  showing on TV during the 1995 World Youth Day. World Youth Day was held here in Manila.

I visited Mercury Drug Store this evening and I saw these adorable Penshoppe gift boxes that they have.  These are the perfect for those who love scents. 

Each box comes with a freebie like a keychain or tag. For more information about their merchandise, please visit the Penshoppe Official Website, their Zalora page  and the Penshoppe Facebook page. 






Just a little trivia.  Many international stars were featured in Penshoppe ads. In the 90s till early 2000 alone, there’s the Irish band Boyzone. The theme for their ad was Speak as One. They have other Penshoppe ads  that played their song When the Going Gets Tough.

(Source: YouTube page fleppy85)


(Source: YouTube Penshoppe page)


Mandy Moore is another international endorser that Penshoppe featured too.


I hope that you enjoyed reading this. Wishing everyone a great day!

Christmas Gift Ideas Available in the Philippines 

Running out of ideas on what gifts to get for people you love? No fear, for I am here, bearing suggestions as to what you can give to your love ones. Here are some suggestions:

BYS Makeup for the Beauty Aficionados

BYS Philippines brand is getting good reviews from beauty bloggers themselves. I like their Brow Powder,  Matte Liquid Lipsticks,  and Cream Foundation.

Bags for Organizing

The SM Store has a section that sells these cool bags,  and other accessories. It’s perfect for someone you know who collects makeup,  pens,  colored pencils,  and other similar thingamajig .

Baked Goodies from The French Baker

French Baker has a myriad of selections you can give for those with a sweet tooth or the health conscious.  I like their Walnut Bread,  Whole Wheat Croissant and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Healthy Snacks

I went to Starbucks with friends of my mom,  and the birthday celebrant treated us with this organic snacks. There are also stores here that sell them like Healthy Options.


Stoneware  Cookware

The sales guy convinced us to get this non stick pan and he showed that nothing sticks to it,  even burnt sugar. This is available in SM Department Store.

Books on Japanese languages for those who loves to learn Nihongo

Tuttle Publishing showcases their books in a Jellyfish Education event at the Philippine Trade Center in Pasay City. Please visit the Tuttle Publishing  Facebook page for questions.

Children’s books for kids

I met a girl at a talk in Binan, Laguna. Her name is Sheila Lopez . She is a children’s books writer. I plan to write extensively about her in an upcoming post. She came out with her story called Si Lola Apura at si Lolo Un Momento (Grandmother Apura and Grandfather Un Momento translated to English).

In my opinion, I think books are the best gift to give to kids even in this digital age.  It’s also perfect for learning about the culture of people from other countries. For inquiries about her work, you may visit Facebook Page of Sheila Lopez.


I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. Have a great day everyone!

Christmas Beauty Gift Ideas

The holidays are coming. While it’s still November, now is the time to get that shopping list and look for that perfect gift for your friends. The stores at this time are still not crowded so you can waltz your way as you scour the aisle for presents and singing , “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” in your best Alvin and the Chipmunks voice. I am just kidding.

Most of the products listed here are available in the Philippines. These are merely suggestions, and it’s up to you to choose what to give your friends. Of course, you have to know what your friends preferences and likes are before choosing any gift to give to them.

I like receiving shower gels, lotions, perfume, and of course, makeup.

Here are some cool gifts that you can get for your beauty savvy friends in no particular order:


Pink Sugar is a brand here in the Philippines that caters to makeup. Yes, these products are getting good reviews from beauty bloggers here. So far, I like their Sugar Tint Lip and Cheek Tint. I am trying out other colors aside from the nude liquid lippie I have in the Honey Bunny Shade shown below. You may visit their website here. Yes, Pink Sugar is  a cruelty- free as well.







Watsons is a beauty and drug store here in the Philippines. Yes, they sell sheet masks of all brands, and variants. You’ll find affordable masks ranging from the least amount of 60 Philippines Pesos to more expensive ones. I can stay inside this store all day, and just look around at the different products that they’re selling.

2017-10-15 06.59.42 1.jpg



Your friends who love Nenuco will surely love this. When you put this on you, the smell  stays all day long, even on your clothes.

Processed with VSCO with  preset



I love Burt’s Bees products especially the Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. They smell good and  they’re handy too. The products are perfect to bring when you go to work, or travel and you don’t want a makeup bag that’s bulky.




These are affordable liquid hand soap from Watson’s.  These are available on a buy one take one basis. The Green Tea scent is what I like the best. Aside from these, their shower gels are also awesome. You may visit their official website in this link

2017-06-21 08.05.06 1.jpg



Personally, I prefer the Earl Grey tea flavor (Aside from the fact that it’s the name of my bunny too). I love the aromatic smell it produces when I pour hot water over the tea bag. Aside from that, I can add milk and it becomes milk tea. I got this Pure Darjeeling variant when I attended a wedding reception at Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant here in the Philippines. You can visit the following sites here below:

Twinings Philippines

Twinings UK


Earl Grey the bunny
My bunny Earl Grey when he was a baby. He’s going to be three next year!

2017-06-21 05.20.43 1.jpg


Photo Credit (Most photos are mine, except when indicated)

Earl Grey Tea photo from Lazada.com


Throwback Post: 2015 Christmas Beauty Goodies from the UK

I can’t help but post these beautiful gifts that my sister and her family sent to our family last 2015.  Here in the Philippines, we call this gifts as pasalubong. Generally, Wikipedia defines pasalubong as gifts being sent from abroad after a Filipino traveller arrives home from one’s trips regardless if it’s for business or leisure.  In our case, the gifts were sent to us by their friend who was coming home to the Philippines. Nevertheless, it’s still a pasalubong no matter what.

We’re lucky to be living in an age where advancements like Skype are available. On Sundays that we have these sessions, my sister and I will have these conversations. Then, they will ask us what we want to have for Christmas.

If you’re someone who has been to the Philippines, you were likely to get souvenirs from the shops here like SM Department Store’s Kultura, or similar stores that sell Filipiniana. Filipiniana is the general term used for products made here in the Philippines.

Here are some of the things we got :

Technically, socks are not beauty items, and still I want to include this as well.














My Favorite Every Day Scents

Even though when I am going to a place near my house, I can’t help but put on these products to make me smell good. I wouldn’t want people standing close to me say, “Ewww, that girl reeks. Ugh!”

The Philippines is a tropical country. Hygiene is a must for all women in here, especially during the summer where the weather can get really humid. Women from all walks of life, and all stratifications always try to find a way to make themselves look good and smell good no matter.

If you have any favorite scents, please feel free to let me know by commenting below. I would love to hear your thoughts about your favorite everyday scents.

So far, the following products are my favorites. They are listed in no particular order:


Nenuco Agua de Colonia

Nenuco is one the popular brand of colognes since I can remember. I love how this products stays on you all day even when you go out, and do your errands or chores.

2017-10-15 07.02.51 1.jpg


Johnson’s Baby Cologne in Heaven scent variant

The scent is reminiscent of the Angel’s Breath line of colognes I used to have when I was in high school. It’s best applied by transferring it to a spritzer. That way, the product is dispersed evenly when you spray it on you.





BENCH Philippines Baby Bench Colonia

BENCH is a local brand that sells not only clothing, but scents as well. I like their Baby Bench line, and so far this is my favorite scent.



Victoria’s Secret Love Spell

Ate Chery, my choirmate, gave this to me as a gift. Filipinos love gifts from abroad. This is called a pasalubong. Just a little amount of this Victoria’s Secret Love Spell,  and it goes a long way.