Getting Over the Fear

They say that when you dream about water, it represents one thing: PROBLEM. There may be a problem in a person’s life right now. The severity of the problem can be seen with regards to the type of water that appears in the dream. Is it deep? Is it clean or dirty? For me, I think the water in my dream represents my fear.

This fear is deeply evident in my favorite book called The Velveteen Rabbit. Yes, I can relate with the little bunny here whose only wish is to be loved. He got the love from the most important people in his life. Yet there were some characters in the book that  made the bunny feel unloved.

There will be times that you will meet people who are brimming with negativity to the core. Name that character, they have it. Bad, crass, evil,  rude, and all other awful descriptions you can think of. Initially, the autopilot response is to be afraid. However, if we let their negative behavior affect us, we will be living in fear for the rest of our lives.



For the last years of my life, Fear is that one thing I am having trouble with when I am about to start something new.  Next week, I am planning to look for employment. My options are in the BPO industry. I am considering working as an email support agent in either in Cubao or here in my hometown Paranaque. I am postponing my Nursing career because I have to renew my license, and update my skills. It’s been a long while since I have practiced my Nursing profession. I worked in a hospital for two years.

I have uncertainties in my head because I am in my late 30s. What if they don’t accept me?  Unfortunately, ageism is one concern that every Filipino person faces here in my country. Right now, I am working out my brains looking for ways to earn passive income that even when I retire, I can still earn and do the things that I love.

Why does fear persist? The reasons people have vary, and it’s all dependent upon their past life experiences related to anger, hate, shame or other life situations that others may deem as unworthy such as poverty, mishandled finances, relationship mistakes, and many more to mention. People have different responses to such crises. Some take the bull by the horns. Some choose to walk away from the problem. Some smile on the outside, but inside their being they are crushed.

Regardless of our circumstances, what is the answer to getting over fear? Simple. We have to acknowledge that we have this fear, yet we are going to do something about it.

I respect people’s coping mechanisms. I can’t force them to overcome it immediately especially if the life experience is a traumatic one. It needs time to be processed.

But the first step to dealing with the fear is to face it squarely. For starters, we need to have a life line. We need our support system for this situation. It can be anyone you trust, a family, a friend, a best friend, your spiritual director.  It’s up to you.  We all have a person who is our lifeline, right? I know it’s not easy, but it’s all about taking baby steps.

It’s not too late to start over. Face your fear. I am leaving you with an inspirational song from Clean Bandit’s Stronger, and Jess Glynne’s Hold My Hand, and Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself



YouTube Clean Bandit video link Stronger 

YouTube Jess Glynne Hold My Hand

YouTube Jess Glynne Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself 

The Velveteen Rabbit book cover  link