Not My Week

Forgive me for my lack of posts,  but I was feeling rather poorly since Saturday last week.  Menstrual cramps were bugging me while I was trying to register for a pilgrimage I will be attending this February. The cramps subsided a bit after two days.

Luck is still not with me because  I was down with fever,  cough and colds next.  I was down and out for the next three days just lying down,  feeling weak.  I had to force feed myself or else I wouldn’t have the strength at all.

While I was sick,  I noticed that I easily burned off all the food I ate. I was hungry after two hours that in the early morning,  I had to get a slice of bread and juice. All the food I ate went into helping the body repair itself.

When I woke up this morning,  it was the worst hunger pang I ever had. Have you tried  waking  up in the morning so famished,  your mouth is dry, and you’re just downright irritable?

And the worst?  Anything I eat tastes bitter.  My dinner tonight consists of oatmeal and pesto bread.  It’s all I can tolerate.  My favorite black rice doesn’t smell right and feels hard on my palate especially when I chew. I am on soft diet galore.  As I am speaking I am having difficulty swallowing because I feel that my throat is sore from too much coughing.  Drinking lots of water to hydrate myself.

What is the point in all this?  Even when things are not going your way, you got to find a way to overcome it.  In my case,  if I don’t force myself to eat, I won’t have any energy whatsoever. I wanted to boost my mood too,  and the the trick to raising those endorphin levels?  Watching cute animal videos, and in my case,  watching cute,  cuddly,  and clingy baby Pandas 🐼🐼🐼🐼sticking to their caretakers like glue.  I felt happy after that.

I have gained a bit of strength that’s why I am blogging.  However don’t want to abuse my body by sleeping late.  I will sleep after I finish this post.
Giving you some more good news before I go, dear readers. I saw my Facebook feed today and I saw a photo of my niece . She met the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker- Bowles and shook hands with her.  My sister on the other hand saw Prince Charles.  They waited for hours for them to arrive.  So lucky!!!! 😍😍😍😍


I am on the way to recovery till next week. Please keep your fingers crossed.  Have a great day everyone!


Panda YouTubeVideo link courtesy of iPanda YouTube

Photo courtesy of Cheryl King

That Thing Called Brown Rice

Yes I can’t live without rice. When you live here in Asia, rice is a staple in all meals. Recently, my family switched from using white rice to brown rice. It’s my mom, my sister, and who eats brown rice. My dad prefers rice white still. I wish he could brown rice like us to. Older people tend to have problematic guts once they reached their senior years.

I like brown rice because when you’re chewing it, you can feel textures and you enjoy your meal even more. I can still feel the hull, and the bran tumbling inside my mouth. Previously with white rice, I am just wolfing it down like there is no tomorrow. However with brown rice, I am enjoying meal time more.


2017-10-15 07.07.20 1.jpg
Brown rice for sale at SM Supermarket


We’re currently getting the Dona Maria brand of Brown rice called Jasponica. The label says, ” Combined qualities of Jasmine and Japanese rice.” It’s brown rice, yet it’s a bit sticky at the same time.

2017-10-15 07.08.43 2.jpg


The Dona Maria Jasponica Brown Rice when cooked afterwards. The ratio  for cooking is for every two cups of water is one cup of the rice.  It will vary with other brown rice variants so make sure to read the label first for cooking instructions.







Benefits I have experienced and seen in myself when I started to eat brown rice. I have observe the brown rice’s antioxidant and therapeutic effect which are:

  1. I don’t feel sleepy even if I have ingested brown rice. This is the stark different with white rice. I feel bloated and lethargic after eating white rice that all I can do is sleep and not move an inch.
  2. I feel strong already with just eating it. I consider it my therapeutic food.
  3. My periods are less painful.
  4. My bowel movement is better. I poop at least once a day, especially in the mornng. The effects are devastating when you haven’t moved your bowels at all. names a few reasons why brown rice is healthy like the fact that it’s rich in nutrients like selenium, and manganese. I like that I get these nutrients whenever I eat brown rice.

For more information about the Dona Maria rice, please visit their website here ,or their Facebook page here.



10 Health Benefits of Brown Rice from

Learn Beauty and Wellness at’s BEAUTY DECONSTRUCTED.

Last July 1, I got the chance to listen to different speakers at a event called Beauty Deconstructed. I am excited to listen to women giving their talks on their designated topics.

Katrina Carandang gave us information on what is all about. Hosting with her as well is the beautiful Sonjia Calit.



Here’s a cool pad to jot down notes at the event






Here are some of the sponsors of the event such as Wits, Style Genie, BYS Philippines, Kalma Yoga, Splice Events Place and Restaurant , The Office Project.

Wit’s Granola


Kalma Yoga



BYS Philippines


Splice Events Place and Restaurant. You can like them here on their Facebook Page




For starters, the first speaker is Justine Correa. She is a mom and a pastor’s wife. She has a Youtube page called Infinite Mamabilities. She spoke about the Heart of Beauty,  mainly on true beauty.  What makes a woman beautiful not just on the outside, but on the inside as well.


The next speaker is Apple Caplis whose talk revolves around skin care. She gave us tips on how to keep our skin looking better. I first met Apple at Ms. Martha Sta. Barbara’s 8th Anniversary of The Beauty Junkee.  It’s nice because we instantly clicked. She didn’t know that I was going to attend the event. Boy she was surprised. Apple is a vlogger of a Youtube page called It’s Apples World. 



Then there’s lunch time, and here’s what I got : Shrimp Wraps and Iced Tea.



After lunch, it was Ms. Ron Pena’s turn to share her knowledge on makeup. Ron is a professional makeup artist. You may check out her page at Facebook Ron Pena and Co.


Then, up next is Ms Shai Lagarde who introduces us on styling with a purpose.  You may follow her on Instagram page called



Next up, the gorgeous Girl Boss Abbie Victorino talks about basic styling and



Last but not least is Ms Rochelle Martin who shared her thoughts on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Beauty all begins with clean eating.


Overall, the beauty event was a success. I met like minded women who are into beauty and wellness industry. After the talk, we spent a little more time getting to know one another, neverending photo ops, and asking questions about their talks. I am hoping one day to get to attend more workshops.










Of course not to forget the workshop attendees photo opportunity.









Feature image courtesy of

Photo of Splice Events Place and Restaurant