Halloween Looks with MakeupPlus App

Have you run out of ideas while searching for that perfect Halloween look?  Have no fear,  the Android App MakeupPlus makes it easy for you to choose the kind of look you want,  or inspire you to create your own look.

I downloaded the app from Google Play Store

When you open the app,  you will see theHalloween themed landing pages below. There’s a short story that let’s you make a choice, like a Choose Your Own Adventure book that I used to read.

Please click on the AR GLAM icon to start doing selfies.Here are samples of photos that I took:

Makeup Plus is also available if you’re using iTunes. Please click HERE

I hope you have found the look that you’re looking for. Happy Halloween everyone!

Fun with MakeupPlus App (for Android)

Hi everyone! I just hope that you’re all having a great day.

Have you ever tried Meitu, Inc.’s app called MakeupPlus? I just found this app recently on Google Play Store.  It’s my first time in trying this, so please bear with me. First off, I would like to say that this is not a sponsored article. I made a personal choice to try this app on my own accord in the hopes of giving you information on feedback on how I feel about this app.


So here goes. First off, I open the MakeupPlus app, and it leads me to this landing page.




The first thing I explored is the AR GLAM. According to the information that I found over at Google Play, this functionality includes filters for a glamorous selfie. It’s exact words in the description were , “NEW! AR GLAM – Upgrade your selfie game with our suite of ultra glam augmented reality filters! From sexy cat to futuristic femme fatale, transform your selfies and make your social profiles stand out with AR GLAM.”

The next you do is to place your smartphone in front of you, and use the front facing camera feature. The photo below is what you’ll see on your phone’s screen when the camera does not detect your face.


As an example, I used the K-Palette filter. For your FYI, K-Palette is a popular Japanese makeup brand. I am currently using their 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner. For more information, please visit K-Palette’s Facebook Page


Using the K-Palette filter, this is the result afterwards. Forgive me if the photos are a bit blurred. The photos would have come out better if my front face camera has a higher megapixel. Oh well, this will have to do for now. Personally, I am happy with the results. I look like a JPOP Star, feeling like Namie Amuro, and Ayumi Hamasaki. Just kidding. Only in my dreams this will happen.




Then, I tried their SELFIE (Live Makeup) functionality of the app. It’s the first button that’s you’ll below the model’s photo.


You have an option to take a photo of yourself using MakeupPlus’ selfie camera,  (using front facing camera), a photo of you’ve stored in your gallery, or from their sample photos. I have opted for MakeupPlus’ selfie camera. So far is the result after I used it. What I love about the Selfie function is the multitude of filters that are available. Aside from that, they included filters from famous beauty influencers like Jordyn Jones, Daniel Chinchilla and many more. Forgive me, since I have been using it only now, I am yet to remember the exact filter I used for the photo below. But as far as I can remember, the filter I used for this photo is Everyday. I edited the photo even further with other tools included at the bottom such as Beautify, Lipstick and many more.


The looks you can create with this app are endless. So many possibilites to suit every mood, or need. It gives inspiration on what look to try next.  I hope you get to try this app. I will try its other functionalites. Sorry if this first impression review  only included the AR Glam and Selfie functions. I will include other functionalities in future posts.

You may encounter problems while using this app, but hey, you can always give your feedback to Meitu, Inc. Thanks and hope you enjoyed this. Have a great day!

For more information about this app, please visit Google Play Store MakeupPlus

Yes, MakeupPlus is also available for those who are using iOs. But it’s called MakeupPlus- Virtual Makeup. Please click here to check out MakeupPlus iOs



Makeup Plus info from Google Play Store


Screenshots of MakeupPlus app taken using ASUS phone