Cool Penshoppe Gift Suggestions 

Penshoppe is a local Philippine brand that sells clothing mainly. They also sell fragrances at an affordable price. I love this brand way back in high school and even up to now. 

If I remember correctly,  I think they were one of those companies who have ads  showing on TV during the 1995 World Youth Day. World Youth Day was held here in Manila.

I visited Mercury Drug Store this evening and I saw these adorable Penshoppe gift boxes that they have.  These are the perfect for those who love scents. 

Each box comes with a freebie like a keychain or tag. For more information about their merchandise, please visit the Penshoppe Official Website, their Zalora page  and the Penshoppe Facebook page. 






Just a little trivia.  Many international stars were featured in Penshoppe ads. In the 90s till early 2000 alone, there’s the Irish band Boyzone. The theme for their ad was Speak as One. They have other Penshoppe ads  that played their song When the Going Gets Tough.

(Source: YouTube page fleppy85)


(Source: YouTube Penshoppe page)


Mandy Moore is another international endorser that Penshoppe featured too.


I hope that you enjoyed reading this. Wishing everyone a great day!

That Blogapalooza Fever (Part I)

Last Saturday November 18, I got the chance to attend one of the coolest events for bloggers, and vloggers as well. It’s called the Blogapalooza and according to their official website,  their goal is to ” connect businesses and influencers directly.” Prior to this, I registered to the event to reserve a spot. I checked my email, and I saw my Blogamomma confirmation e-mail. Voila! All set for the event.

I did a bit of research about Blogapalooza from previous years. It’s so cool to know that the event is going to be held at the City of Dreams in Pasay City. It’s my first time to go to such a grand place.  So yeah, I feel this is going to be one awesome day. Aside from that, I also got to invite friends like Axl, Aileen, and Johannes, people whom I met  from a previous PayPal event that I attended in Alabang.

(stock photo of City of Dreams Photo courtesy of


When I got to City of Dreams, I was just there in time to witness the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. After that, the Blogapalooza has officially opened. Going inside the ballroom, I got to see the different booths available. I made a mental note of each booth, and decided to check it out later. I wanted to listen to the talks of various speakers so I made a beeline for the seats instead. I was lucky to find a front row seat which gave me a full view of the stage with the official Blogapalooza logo.



City of Dreams Grand Ballroom photo by Johannes Bangao
City of Dreams Grand Ballroom photo by Johannes Bangao

The event officially opens with the hosts Karla, and Ian introducing Ace Gapuz, Chief Executive Officer of Blogapalooza. Ace welcomes attendees with warm opening remarks.



Chief Executive Officer Blogapalooza Ace Gapuz


For starters, I review today’s program, and infographic that I got from my confirmation  email.  Wow! There’s so much to look forward to today.

Program Flow of the Blogapalooza event
unnamed 1.jpg
Cool Blogapalooza infographic

Here’s a list of booths  at the event namely:

Wilkins Coca Cola

Beauty and Butter Nail Spa

Adober Studios

StyleGenie PH

CokeStudio PH


AAP Analytics DMAIPH

Alfox Printing Services


GoMoto Philippines

Here are some of the booths that I visited such as Wilkins Coca Cola. They have drinks on display.


I was surprised to see Team Style Genie in the event. I met Abbie Victorino for the first at another event fromm called Beauty Deconstructed. It’s so nice to see her here!


The Beauty and Butter booth for nail spa afficionados.





I also got another surprise when I met Chris in here. I met her from a previous event as well, from’s Beauty Deconstructed workshop.  Small world indeed!



This is the Coke Studio booth which makes your personalized Coca Cola bottle.



My personalized Coca Cola bottle. Hurray!




GoMoto Philippines booth


Alfox Printing Services Prizes


Games that you can play at the event




Kristian Guevara and Andrew Cua of


Present as well, were noteworthy personalities who graced the event such as Lloyd Cadena, Joyce Pring, Louise delos Reyes, Kim Cruz, and Ramon Bautista.

Internet Rockstars From left to right:  Ramon Bautista, Louise delos Reyes, Kim Cruz, and Joyce Pring



Video Content and Distribution Strategy Left to right: Lyqa Maravilla, Gian Viterbo, Miccolo Solis, and Lloyd Cadena




Photo op with Lloyd Cadena





Meeting Jai during breaktime. Jai is also a blogger and a nurse. I am glad to learn that we have common interests too. Her blog is
With awesome friends Finance expert Aileen Ello and and Travel blogger Johannes Bangao of

I will post the next installment of this blog post on Sunday and Tuesday. I will my Blogapalooza haul and photos about more new people I met, Team Blogapalooza, and the speakers themselves during the event. Thank you for reading!







Sogetsu Ikebana Demo

I was so lucky to watch an ikebana demonstration at Glorietta Mall in Makati City, Philippines last October. It was so impressive to watch these ladies and gentlemen come up with their own creative arrangements. I love Japanese culture. I am interested to learn ikebana. Wikipedia defines ikebana as “the Japanese art of floral arrangement.”








The designs were arranged according to different color schemes. Here are some of my favorites, and their corresponding artists’ names:

















Doing ikebana was challenging. The artists are doing their best to ensure that their works of art remain standing up during the entire demonstration. They all came up with creations that revealed their unique personalities. I hope I can find an ikebana organization that I can join. I am interested to learn ikebana like them.


Philippines Local Buys: 1st Pharma Isopropyl Alcohol Spray

I was visiting this grocery at Quezon Avenue in Quezon City with my father. Classes and work have been suspended because of the jeepney strike, so now there’s a chance to go out and relax.

2017-10-16 02.44.20 2.jpg

It’s called the Shopwise Express. I got the chance to browse its aisles with the limited time I have since I don’t know when I’ll be back in Quezon City.

2017-10-16 02.44.33 2.jpg

What is it that I need to have right now? Yes, a hand sanitizer. So I went around the aisles, and while doing so, I was lucky to find this isopropyl alcohol spray called 1st Pharma.  According to their label, the product promises the following benefits:

  1. It’s gentle, safe to the skin
  2. It’s an all-purpose isopropyl alcohol spray. You can use it for all your sanitizing needs
  3. It gives off a fresh and clean scent


What attracted me to this product? I enumerated the reasons below:


I like this because it has a Green Tea Extract, and according to the label of this bottle, ” With Green Tea Extract that acts as antioxidant and antiinflamatory.”


I like that the product is not bulky. It’s handy, and easy to use. You just have to be careful when using this product, making sure no one is in the way when you use the spray. Make sure the sprayer pump lid cap is shut tight so that no product spills.

Aside, from that, it has a pink plastic sprayer pump that disperses the product in mist. It also has a transparent plastic cap to cover the sprayer pump. Perfect for anyone who loves the color pink.


The product is affordable, its price is marked at 26.25 Philippine Peso ( approximately $0.50 cents when converted to US Dollar)



The back label information up close






I am not sure if this product is available at all stores. But for starters, you may visit your nearest Shopwise Express store today, and ask a salesperson who works there.  By the way, this is not a sponsored blog, and I bought the product with my own money.

But no need to worry, because you can contact them via social media. For  more information about 1st Pharma products, please visit the 1st Pharma Facebook page. Thanks for reading everyone. Have a great day!

The Media Launch

Words and Photos by: Ana Liza Benetua

Last October 14, 2017, I was able to attend’s Media Launch in Quezon City. is a Hair and Make-up Artists website whose main goal is “to raise the profile of cosmetic artisans in the Philippines”.  According to their portfolio, their mission is to “think of ways to Win Others Over- the reason we are called WOOmen.”


The launch was held at the Palm Grill in Tomas Morato Avenue.  I love their chosen venue to hold the launch because it’s cozy, and well-lit.


A few months prior to the launch, Ms. Guiden Amalay, one of the co-founders of, sent me an invite via Facebook Messenger. I felt a rush of excitement running up my spine because I will see Team WOOmen again.

I met Team WOOmen for the first time at their BEAUTY: DECONSTRUCTED workshop in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong. The place is near Shaw Boulevard. I won a ticket for the event via Ms. Sonjia Calit-Kakilala’s Instagram page. Ms. Sonjia is the Chief Social Officer of Aside from that, she is also the the model for their BEAUTY: DECONSTRUCTED workshop.



There were some challenges faced while traveling to go to the event itself. I was shocked to see the roads filled with vehicles,  bumper to bumper, on a Saturday afternoon in the metropolis.  These places had the heaviest traffic: Buendia Avenue, Quiapo, Manila, and near Banawe. Que horror! At the same time, the weather seems to have a mind of its own, bringing gray clouds and mild showers merrily along with it. (I am beginning to sound like a weather girl.)

Amid the hurdles faced, I was able to cross and jump over it.  I managed to arrive despite the Gordian knot of a traffic situation I had experienced earlier. I asked the security guard if the event is already finished. Lucky me, because he replied that the launch is still on-going. Whew! Thank you!

I went inside Palm Grill and what greeted  me is a  gorgeous venue, styled a la mode. The ceilings in the loft area are lined with yellow and black balloons, reminiscent to the’s color scheme. The tables in the ground floor are also decorated with black balloons as well.




The registration area is a sight. I am loving the creative vibe the event brings! Every thing on the table is well-thought out. Too bad for me because I wasn’t able to get some of the goodies from them because I arrived late. But that’s OK, because in spite of that, I was still able to make it. DSC08068.JPG



As you climb up the stairs, you’ll see the loft where the main event was held. Near this bright mural of leaves, stands the poster. DSC08096.JPG

A custom-made paper place mat that you can color your own way.


The most important ingredient in an event such as this are the people you meet along the way.  After all, an event is not complete without the people itself. You get a lot ichigou ichie moments (meeting for the first time). At the same time, it’s also nice to touch base, and chat with the gorgeous ladies I have met previously at the BEAUTY: DECONSTRUCTED workshop like Abbie Victorino, CEO and Founder of Stylegenie. ph

Mindy, and Abbie Victorino, founder and CEO of
Photo op with Team and attendees



DSC08082.JPG Co-founders Chrislyn Cruz and KC Carandang
Chrislyn, KC, and professional make-up artist Michelle Miranda
Pabz and one of the founders of Guiden Faith Amalay


Overall, the Media Lauch is a success.  You can sense so much positive vibes that it’s literally lingering above our heads. You can still feel the love in the air hovering, which is evident in the photos posted below:


Team Pabz, Guiden, Chrislyn, Myca( I hope I spelled the name right), Gelo, Kristine and Shu


Of course, I also have to thank Bryan who works at Palm Grill (or is it Brian, hope I spelled his name right) for happily obliging to have his photo taken beside the poster. Hmmm, a model in the making. What do you think?


Me with the funny lips. I was not able to have my photo taken at the photobooth. Oh well, this will have to do.


Are you an aspiring or a professional hair or makeup artist? If you’re reading this, I tell you,  this is  your chance to shine. Simply check out the official WOOmen website and their social media accounts, and sign up to be part of the WOOmen squad today. I will post the links below:

Instagram: IG

Facebook: FB

Source Credit for content:

Goal and mission from The Official About Us page  

Pink Sugar Favorite : Sugar Tint Lip and Cheek Tint

Price: P349.00 Philippine Pesos

Where to buy: SM Department Stores and their online website Pink Sugar 

I love red lipstick. Everyone loves red lipstick. Most people who meet me say red lipstick looks better for me.  In spite of the compliment about it, I am opting for nude lippies lately. Why? Well it’s true that I good look in red lipstick, but I want to go for a more natural look, especially for my lip color. I want people to see  me without the red lipstick. Yeah, the no makeup makeup look.

I found the answer in Pink Sugar’s Sugar Tint Lip and Cheek Tint. The one I got is in Honey Bunny. I read further about the product in the Pink Sugar website, and they have 18 shades available.



I like the color on me, and complements my fair, yet warm yellowish undertone. I am happy how it looks on me and I am loving this product. When you apply it over your lips, it smells sweet, like candy. I would recommend this to beginners of makeup especially in lipstick. You can’t go wrong with just lipstick. Just put one over your lips, and it magically changes how you look, even when you’re still not in full makeup.


Since the product is also a  cheek tint, just simply dab a tiny amount of the product over your cheeks . If you want you use this to contour your cheeks, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Okay, so I swatched the product over my hand, and you can see how  it goes well with my  warm yellow undertone (check the green veins out).  When applying the product with the brush that comes with, it glides easily and does not set immediately which gives you the time to see if you’ve applied enough product or not. You can still smack your lips together to spread the product.




So here’s me wearing it in a Personal Styling class of Ms Donna Cuna Pita. Sorry if it’s not that near. If I want more color to this look, what I can do is add another shade from the 19 shades of the Pink Sugar Sugar Tint line, and do it , ala hombre style lips. Overall, I am happy with this look.



I am hoping to try the other shades soon. For further details about their products, please visit for more info.





Heal Your Soul with Philippine Madrigal Singers Songs

Whenever I feel down, I find myself going to Youtube to listen to the songs of my favorite choir called The Philippine Madrigal Singers. Andrea Veneracion, a renowned Philippine National Artist founded this choir in 1963. Mark Anthony Carpio is the choir’s current head honcho. The Philippine Madrigal Singers have traveled around the world just to sing. They sing songs from all genre, from classical to contemporary favorites, and OPM( acronym for Original Pilipino Music). I just love their ethereal voices, that I find myself in tears afterwards.

I also got a chance to see them sing a few years ago at Robinson’s Galleria, and at Philamlife Building in United Nations Avenue, Manila. I was able to purchase their CD album MADZ in LOVE after their mini concert in Robinsons’ Galleria, and got the members to sign the CD. From the Madz in Love album, my favorite songs are What Matters Most, Wind Beneath My Wings, One Hand One Heart, Till There Was You, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, and Moon River.

Here are my other favorite songs such as:

The Light of a Million Mornings


Wind Beneath My Wings

iTunes The Philippine Madrigal Singers 


Now That I Have You.

Now that I Have You is a song originally sang by Filipino singer group called The Company. This song is definitely one of my favorites plus another song entitled We Found an Everlasting Love


Regardless of the genre, I hope you find joy in music that you’re listening to. Music inspires people to be closer. Music is the language of the soul. Hope you enjoy listening to The Madz as the choir is fondly called. If I get married, if the heavens will it, I will be using some of their songs during reception. Thanks for reading. Cheerio.




Feature Photo of the Philippine Madrigal Singers by

Youtube Sources of videos:

Now That I Have You

Wind Beneath My Wings

The Light of a Million Mornings




Super Human: Paralympic Swimmer Ernie Gawilan


I was blessed to have met this man at an Amoris Laetitia talk in Don Bosco Center of Studies of Father Francis Gustilo. The focus was on families caring for people and children with special needs. There I met  Ernie Gawilan. Ernie is a paralympic swimmer from Davao. During the talk, he cheerfully retells the story of how he was born with underdeveloped limbs because of an abortion attempt. And to top it off, his father left him, and his mother got sick of cholera leaving him helpless. Eventually, his grandfather took care of him afterwards he was orphaned.

Such a life would have hindered others not to fully live through all that difficulties. But not Ernie. He never gives up. Nevertheless, his handicap has not stopped him from joining the Paralympics. After the talk,  we all went to the pool area at Don Bosco Seminary, and for the very first time, I have witnessed how fast he swims. In a second, he was already halfway the people.

I encourage those having challenges right now, or anyone who has a similar situation with Ernie. At first, it may seem hopeless and unfair. However, I believe that such challenges are actually blessings in disguise. Maybe you just have to find what your purpose in life is through them. Maybe you just need to put on rose colored glasses and  e take a look closer at the hidden blessing of your situation, whatever that maybe. What are the lessons that you need to learn because of them?



Ernie Gawilan News Clip courtesy of GMA NEWS 

Ernie Gawilan Biography from Wikipedia Photo of Ernie Gawilan