Make Christmas Greeting Card with Android Meitu Beauty Cam, Photo, Tech magic, ArtBot (Beta)App

Looking for a way to create your own digital Christmas cards that you can share via social media? Have no fear because the Meitu app came up with Christmas Limited Edition functionality. You can also check out Makeup Plus app which is another Meitu Inc. app.

You can download the app from the following links below:

Google Play Meitu app

Apple Store iTunes Meitu

To get started making your custom digital Christmas, here’s what you’re going to do:(I have included screenshots to make things easier)

1)Open the app

2) You’ll be lead to this page below. You’ll see the first Christmas card design. Click on the CREATE button below to choose that template.  For other designs,  simply scroll down  further.


3) I choose the first template,  the card that is colored red. Afterwards, I was  prompted to take a photo using the smartphone camera.


5) But you can also choose a photo from your gallery by clicking on that left icon beside the camera button.  For this tutorial,  I chose a photo from my gallery:

6) I scrolled my photo gallery, and opted for  this photo for demo purposes.

7)Once a photo is selected,  the app will automatically do its work,  and lead you to this screen shown below. You’ll see at the bottom part of your smartphone other enlisted filters.  This particular Christmas filter is called POSTER. You’ll also see the Christmas template below highlighted in a blue box.

9) If you’re happy with the photo you selected , click the blue check button ✅. It will lead you to the page indicated below:

10)Click on the white check button at the right hand corner of the screen to complete the process (White check button is located above the white COMPARE button). Voila!  You now have a digital Christmas card ready to be posted in your choice of social media accounts .

11)Check your photo gallery to see if it has downloaded successfully. I checked my photo gallery and so far I see that it’s the first photo,  meaning it’s the latest image taken. Feel free to explore other filters. I hope you have fun making this!  Enjoy! 😍😍😍😍