MUZ Sheet Mask Review

Words and Photos by Liza Benetua

I was going to  a nearby Mercury Drug store to see if they have sheet masks in store. Mercury Drug is a Philippine brand that carries not only medicines, but also groceries, makeup, and toiletries too. In our area in Paranaque, it’s open 24 hours a day.

Lucky for me, I found this MUZ Sheet Mask sold as singles. MUZ is a Korean brand under the company JA YEON MAPPING COSMETIC CO. Aside from the sheet masks, the also have the MUZ Skin Whitening Exfoliator, and the MUZ Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. 

There are two facial sheet mask variants available:

MUZ Whitening Plus Facial Sheet Mask, Whitening + Oil Control (Pink package)

MUZ Whitening Plus Facial Sheet Mask, Whitening + Collagen (Light blue package)

The variant I wanted to try is the MUZ Whitening Plus Facial Sheet Mask, Whitening + Collagen. Since I am in my 30s, and aging skin is one of my concerns, I bought this instead. It only costs for P 50.00 Philippine Pesos for a single sheet mask pack.


Reading the label, the product has the following benefits of “Whitening, Anti-ageing, Tightening and Rejuvenating, Reduces oiliness, Contains Antioxidants”








Following the directions, I simply put this sheet mask over my face for the next thirty minutes. But prior to that, I have to fix and make the adjustments as to how the mask was lying over my face.

Notice in the photo below the folds and creases I created when I adjusted the mask.I don’t like it especially when it’s blocking my eyes, and my nostrils. I have to ensure that the product doesn’t spill over my eyelids. The eyes are very sensitive so we have to make sure to protect them from foreign matter. Sorry if I look like a ghost here.


I noticed that there is still an excess  left inside the packet, so what I do is apply the remaining contents to my neck, my arms, and my hands. It’s nice that my neck and hands get the needed antioxidant boost that it needs.


Upon placing the sheet mask over my face, you can distinguish its lemony scent. It smells good.  I heaved a sigh of  relaxation, like when you’re getting a massage at a spa. The skin gets tired as well so it’s like the it’s getting a facial massage too but in a different way.

After 30 minutes,  I love how my skin feels hydrated afterwards. I think I will buy this sheet mask again. I love how it’s affordable, and at the same time, you also get beautiful skin afterwards.

Can men use sheet masks? Oh definitely. I suggest that members of the XY group to  use sheet masks as well. You can share this tip with your husband or your partner.


My concern is putting on the sheet mask over your face. It needs to be adjusted in order to fit your face. Aside from that, it’s soaked with the collagen and lemon extract so be careful when you’re about to place it. Why? The extracts might spill over towards your eyes.

Here are some of my suggestions in order to address this concern:

1)It’s better to sit down in front of a mirror when putting on the mask in a properly lit room.

2)But when you’re about to lie down, make sure your head part is elevated, not flat on bed. You can prop pillows behind your back.

3)Adjust the mask for a custom fit to your face particularly near the eyes and nose area.

If you notice anything unusual happening to your face like redness, or any allergic reaction, please remove the product and go to the Emergency Room immediately to have it checked.

All thoughts I have given here are my personal opinion of the product. This is not sponsored. I  bought this mask with my money.

Thank you for reading this, and have a great day!