Blogapalooza Fever: Awesome Haul (Part 2)

Last November 18, I just a most awaited event for bloggers and Vloggers called Blogapalooza. I am excited to share with you the plethora of souvenirs that I got from the event.

For starters here’s the ID I got upon registration.



Coke Studio gave away personalized Coca Cola bottles. There’s a machine that looks like a jukebox, stationed in their booth that processes this. You may visit Coke Studio’s Facebook page here.





Then, I also got this cool eco bag that you can use when doing your grocery shopping. Inside the bag are two Coca Cola products in a can and plastic bottle. I got the extras from a friend who joined as well. The Philippines is slowly moving away from using plastic bags to more sustainable friendly canvas bags. I hope that all stores eventually stop using plastic bags because it harms the animals, especially those who live in the ocean.





Next up, I got this sampler of Nestea’s new milk tea product in Winter Melon flavor. For more info about their products, please visit the Nestea official Facebook Page here.





Another sampler I got is called the Wilkin’s Delight drinks. It’s water infused with fruit flavors.  For questions, check out the Wilkins Water Facebook Page here.







Blogapalooza attendees also got discounts for joining. I also got gift certificates from KimStore and Aside from this I got an email of a 30 percent discount when attendees avail of their calling cards.




The booths gave away prizes. I won this giveaway keychain that also doubles as a mirror from Alfox Printing Services.  Aside from that I also got a card about their countless services, and a notepad.







I love the color of this  carboard Adober Studios fan. Perfect for the warm weather here in the Philippines.  You may also visit Adober Studios YouTube page to view the videos. According to their official Facebook Page, “Adober Studios formerly known as Chicken Pork Adobo is ABS-CBN’s multi-channel network initiative structured to build a roster of online personalities with innovative ideas.”


Business cards of the booth exhibitors and from attendees of the event itself.


Finally, I got this awesome Blogapalooza pen. I love collecting pens!



I am looking forward to attend more Blogapalooza events in the future. I want to learn more, and meet new people. Thank you Team Blogapalooza for making this possible. To learn more about Blogapalooza, please visit their official page here  .






Throwback Post: 2015 Christmas Beauty Goodies from the UK

I can’t help but post these beautiful gifts that my sister and her family sent to our family last 2015.  Here in the Philippines, we call this gifts as pasalubong. Generally, Wikipedia defines pasalubong as gifts being sent from abroad after a Filipino traveller arrives home from one’s trips regardless if it’s for business or leisure.  In our case, the gifts were sent to us by their friend who was coming home to the Philippines. Nevertheless, it’s still a pasalubong no matter what.

We’re lucky to be living in an age where advancements like Skype are available. On Sundays that we have these sessions, my sister and I will have these conversations. Then, they will ask us what we want to have for Christmas.

If you’re someone who has been to the Philippines, you were likely to get souvenirs from the shops here like SM Department Store’s Kultura, or similar stores that sell Filipiniana. Filipiniana is the general term used for products made here in the Philippines.

Here are some of the things we got :

Technically, socks are not beauty items, and still I want to include this as well.