Not My Week

Forgive me for my lack of posts,  but I was feeling rather poorly since Saturday last week.  Menstrual cramps were bugging me while I was trying to register for a pilgrimage I will be attending this February. The cramps subsided a bit after two days.

Luck is still not with me because  I was down with fever,  cough and colds next.  I was down and out for the next three days just lying down,  feeling weak.  I had to force feed myself or else I wouldn’t have the strength at all.

While I was sick,  I noticed that I easily burned off all the food I ate. I was hungry after two hours that in the early morning,  I had to get a slice of bread and juice. All the food I ate went into helping the body repair itself.

When I woke up this morning,  it was the worst hunger pang I ever had. Have you tried  waking  up in the morning so famished,  your mouth is dry, and you’re just downright irritable?

And the worst?  Anything I eat tastes bitter.  My dinner tonight consists of oatmeal and pesto bread.  It’s all I can tolerate.  My favorite black rice doesn’t smell right and feels hard on my palate especially when I chew. I am on soft diet galore.  As I am speaking I am having difficulty swallowing because I feel that my throat is sore from too much coughing.  Drinking lots of water to hydrate myself.

What is the point in all this?  Even when things are not going your way, you got to find a way to overcome it.  In my case,  if I don’t force myself to eat, I won’t have any energy whatsoever. I wanted to boost my mood too,  and the the trick to raising those endorphin levels?  Watching cute animal videos, and in my case,  watching cute,  cuddly,  and clingy baby Pandas 🐼🐼🐼🐼sticking to their caretakers like glue.  I felt happy after that.

I have gained a bit of strength that’s why I am blogging.  However don’t want to abuse my body by sleeping late.  I will sleep after I finish this post.
Giving you some more good news before I go, dear readers. I saw my Facebook feed today and I saw a photo of my niece . She met the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker- Bowles and shook hands with her.  My sister on the other hand saw Prince Charles.  They waited for hours for them to arrive.  So lucky!!!! 😍😍😍😍


I am on the way to recovery till next week. Please keep your fingers crossed.  Have a great day everyone!


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Sambong Leaves Tea for Menstrual Cramps

First of all, I would like to say that this is not a paid or sponsored post. I am doing this for personal reasons. I am in search of a remedy to ease my menstrual pain. For the last few months, I have noticed that my periods are getting painful. I am planning to see an OB- GYN next year to have myself checked. But I need to be well rested when I start to see one. I thought I will be relaxing this Christmas, but in reality I can’t. There’s just so much to do, and it’s so hectic that I need to just unwind after all this is through.

I know I should not be relying on Ibuprofen to ease the pain, but it can’t be helped. My menstrual pain feels like the left side of my pelvis being pricked with something sharp, then a dull and heaviness felt afterwards. Sometimes, I can feel my uterus contracting and it’s just so painful. I can’t sleep at night when this happens too. Aside from that, I am also craving for something sweet like cookies, and hot chocolate drink.


I have been trying to look for alternatives aside from Ibuprofen to ease my menstrual cramps. The following remedies helped like: warm compress, and eating a healthy diet. My family is starting to eat more fish, and brown and black rice. We get fish delivered to our house because there’s this couple who sells fresh fish on a daily basis.



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My mother suggested that I take Sambong tea from ABS Herbs Company. I did further research on Sambong and I found from an article by Dr. Haider called “13 Health Benefits of Sambong.” and he mentioned that it’s  in” helping in PMS”. With that in mind, I said to myself, ” Why not give it a try?”

Generally, Sambong tea is recommended for those with kidney concerns. It also has antioxidant properties. However, please consult a doctor especially if you’re having any illness whatsoever.  I won’t suggest Sambong tea for pregnant and breastfeeding women. For further information about ABS Herbs Sambong Tea, feel free to visit the online store and  ABS Herbs official website. 

I am having my period now, the second day to be exact, and it’s at this point when I feel the cramping the most. Aside from the cramping, I am having a slight headache too. After following directions from the label of ABS Herbs Sambong Tea, I drank it. There’s no bad aftertaste or anything. But I did notice a decrease in pelvic cramping afterwards. The headache slightly decreased too. I did not experience any adverse reaction to the tea because it says from the website that it may bring about an unwanted effect to people allergic to ragweed and its counterparts. Since this tea has a diuretic effect, it reminds the users to take 8 to 10 glasses of water.  I think I will continue to use this even when I am not having my period. I want to take advantage of the fact that sambong leaves have the antioxidant effect.





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Photo of ABS Herbs Sambong tea


The Basics of Reading Medicine Labels


There are so many medicines out in the market today.  However, there is this one thing we forget to do:  that is to carefully read the label of the medicine that we are buying. Not only that, we usually throw away the inserts that come with the packaged medicine. Regardless if it’s prescription or over the counter, it is our responsibility to at least familiarize ourselves with what the contents of the drug that we’re taking. Here are some terms to remember when reading medicine labels and the package inserts:

Generic Name  defines generic name it as “a term referring to the chemical makeup of the drug rather than the advertised brand name under which the drug is sold”. An example of a generic name is Ibuprofen, a common pain reliever for women having menstrual pain. Usually products sold using a generic name only are sold cheaper than their branded counterparts. Even so, they are also effective even if they are sold without a brand name.

Brand Name

The website Scientific American defines brand name for drugs as “A brand-name drug product is originally discovered and developed by a pharmaceutical company. In order for the company to market and sell their product they must first gain approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by submitting a New Drug Application. In this documentation the company submits data to establish a drug’s clinical safety and efficacy.” The laws will vary country per country so it’s important to know the legal aspect of this. An example of  a brand of Ibuprofen is  Advil.


Drug-label-300x297 (1).jpg

The instructions for use are usually found at the back of the bottle, in the boxes where it came in, or the paper inserts. They will usually the following basic info such as:

Active Ingredient

This portion will list the contents of the drug to let you know what chemical is making the product work. says,”The “active ingredient” section lists the therapeutic substance or substances in an OTC medicine that make the medicine work.”


In some packaged inserts, this is listed under the word INDICATIONS. It will list the diseases or illnesses the drug is intended for.


In this part, it will give precautions or advice as to being careful when taking the drug. In some labels or packaged inserts, it will be listed under CONTRAINDICATIONS. It lists the limitations of the medicine such as:

A It will tell you who should not take the drug

B It will give you an advice to seek doctor’s advice if you have preexisting conditions. For example if you have certain illnesses such as kidney failure, thyroid problems and the like.


Directions gives a guide on how the drug is to be taken. It also list the dosages to be taken depending on the age of the person who is to take the medicine. It also gives the right way to take the drug if it’s by mouth or if it’s going to be inserted, or injected by a qualified medical practitioner like a doctor or a nurse.

Some will also include information on how the medicine is to be stored. Some will only last a few days if not placed inside a refrigerator. Some medicines need to be stored away from direct light, hence some are stored inside amber colored bottles.


Please also consider the shelf life of the medicine. All medicines have an expiry date that you must take note of. It’s important to check the date in order to ensure that the drug or medicine you’re taking is still new. Don’t take the medicine anymore if it’s already beyond its expiry date.

Practices will vary from country to country how you will be able to purchase medicines regardless if it’s prescription or over the counter. Nevertheless, it’s always  best to consult your trusted physician when in doubt.








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Do You Really Need Vitamin C?


In drugstores nowadays, we get to see dozens of Vitamin C brands that you don’t know which one to choose. Currently, I prefer using the non acidic type of Vitamin C brand called Fern-C. Another brand marketed as well is Bewell- C and I am using this as well if Fern-C is not available. In your country, what is the best Vitamin C brand that’s being used?Regardless of the brand, the big question is, do we really need Vitamin C? How effective is Vitamin C?

To answer this question, I did some research about it. First of all, another name for Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid. What does Ascorbic Acid do to our body? Generally, Vitamin C helps in the growth, formation, and repair of our body.  According to, recommended dosage for adult is 240 mg/ day in divided doses. For children, it is best that a pediatrician determine the dosage. Usually, the child’s weight is taken and the dosage being given is according to the current weight of the child.

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What are the benefits of Vitamin C?

1) It helps the body in absorbing iron. If we’re taking iron supplements, then we are also to take Vitamin C.

2)It boosts our  immune system so that we don’t get sick easily.

3)Vitamin C heals our wounds.

4) Vitamin C is needed to produce collagen which helps make our skin look better and smoother.

What are the sources of Vitamin C? Mainly, you can get them from vegetables and fruits, mostly from citrus fruits like oranges, berries and the like.

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How do you take Vitamin C? Usually we take it through the mouth. But there are other ways like through the vein, being given to patients who have dengue. It can only be administered by a doctor or a nurse. In the Philippines, we can buy them over the counter, meaning that we don’t need a prescription for it. We need to remember dosages when taking any vitamin or medicines, and of course our doctor’s advice if we’re facing an illness.

Dosages and frequencies of taking Vitamin C? suggests 240 mg/ day in divided doses. The doctor may even recommend a higher dose, depending on the need.

In my experience with Vitamin C, I have noticed that my wounds heal faster when I am taking them than during those times that I am not taking them. Sometimes, I accidentally bite the side of my mouth, then later on it would form sores. But when I am taking Vitamin C, it heals the sores quicker.

A friendly reminder when taking Vitamin C. First of all, Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient meaning this is easily dissolved in water, and easily excreted or removed from your body. This means that you need to take this on a regular basis, in accordance to the correct dosage. If the doctor recommended a higher dose, make sure to take a lot of water? The reason for increased water intake is to make sure you don’t get kidney stones from it. There are studies to back this up like this study I saw at that links Vitamin C intake to kidney problems in men. Better be safe than sorry.

So do we really need Vitamin C? The answer is yes, regardless if you’re opting for fruits and vegetables or taking a supplement in pill form. It’s a way to keep our bodies free from illnesses especially if there are people, our loved ones relying on us like your children. Most especially, for our selves too so that we may be able to fulfill our life goals of becoming healthy and living it. Just make sure to consult your trusted doctor to ensure you’re getting the best advice with regards to Vitamin C intake.


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To Sleep or Not to Sleep

Sleep is one of our biological needs that gets neglected the most. In our hectic world, we need to keep up with a lot schedules. It can’t be helped. There’s homework for school, deadline for a presentation for a client, a newborn baby who suddenly wakes up in the wee hours of the morning to be fed, or plans for an event the upcoming week. Regardless of the circumstances, it is important that we follow our  body’s natural rhythm: if it’s time to sleep, then sleep.

8 hours is adequate, though 7 hours of sleep is what an adult should have, according to the reputable Mayo Clinic website. But we don’t get that luxury especially if there are a lot of tasks that needs to be completed that some only get as much as 4 hours of sleep or less.  Another point to be taken is that, the recent surge of the use of social media has contributed to sleeplessness. People check their mobile phones and social media accounts usually at night before going to bed. Some will say, “Okay let me just look at this for a one hour.” Then before they know, it’s almost three in the morning, and work starts at 8 AM.

So what causes sleeplessness? Stress is a major contributory factory that leads to lack of sleep that even as we lie down, we find ourselves tossing and turning. So what is the busy person to do in such a state?

First of all, the Mayo Clinic website explains the benefit of sleep. It states in the article that sleep helps to prevent  cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  It is at night that the body heals and repairs. That’s why if we don’t get enough sleep, and when we look at ourselves in the mirror, it looks like you’re a zombie from The Walking Dead.

So what are some ways that we can do in order to get a good night’s sleep?

  1. Turn off your mobile phone if it’s what keeps you awake at night. Some use their smart phone as an alarm clock. Better stick to old school and use an alarm clock instead to help you wake up in the morning.
  2. Keep the bedroom clutter free
  3. The bedroom is meant only for sleeping. If you want to bring work at home and i can’t be avoided, do it somewhere else in another room.
  4. Be firm with yourself. If it’s sleep time, it’s sleep time.
  5. Follow your body’s signals. If the body tells you to sleep, then it’s time to sleep
  6. Don’t drink any beverage that will keep you awake at night like caffeine
  7. Still having sleep problems? It’s best to consult your doctor. A doctor you choose must be someone whom you trust, someone you can ask questions without fear of being ridiculed. The doctor must be someone who is genuinely interested in your well being.






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The Safeguard ™ Derma Sense Line Review

I learned of this product from Beauty Blogger Martha Sta Barbara of The Beauty Junkee . Martha mentions that this helped clear hear acne problems. I wanted to try this because I myself experienced having rashes appearing in my legs,and sometimes in my back out of the blue. I just simply don’t know what to do to get rid of it.


Luckily, Safeguard came out with their Derma Sense line  Safeguard Derma Sense’s Facial Cleanser and Safeguard  Derma Sense Anti Acne Face and Body Bar in my bathing routine.


I got a sampler of this from Ms. Martha’s last giveaway last year from her seventh year anniversary. I immediately got to try the product thereafter. A month after (last year), I have seen a major improvement with the rashes because they simply weren’t there. I know I have to keep this product in my daily ritual.  It’s been a year now and this product works for me. For those greatly considering using this, I would suggest doing a test first to see if it works for you.