Blogapalooza Fever: The Experts Talk(Part 3)

This is the last installment of my Blogapalooza experience last November 18. I made two blogposts on Blogapalooza in general, and the souvenirs that I got from the event. I am sharing to you what transpired during that time. The highlights of Blogapalooza are the talks from different personas of the digital industry.

For starters, I am sharing to you the program flow for Generation D series of talks:




Mr. Kris Ablan shares to us the involvement of the present government with social media, that we bloggers are being encouraged to be a part of it. I think this is very important for people here in the Philippines to be aware of what’s happening in the country, and what President Duterte is doing for the country.  He also informs the audience of the plans of the government to have better internet services so that no one is left out in this digital age.





Media practitioners Niccolo Cosme, Anna Oposa, Justin Joyas , and Jayne Uymatiao shared their thoughts on how to effectively use social media to promote awareness and to spread good. They also reminded the audience to exercise due diligence when reading news, and discern whether it’s real or fake.




Up next is the talk on Video Content and Distribution Strategy wherein Micco Solis, Lyqa Maravilla, Gian Viterbo, and Lloyd Cadena share their experience in putting up YouTube videos. Dennis Lim, the moderator, and representative for Adober Studios, shares to the audience what topics are trending in the video world, and videos from Adober Studios YouTube page that made an impact with its countless viewers.







Up next is Mario Domingo , a tech expert, who shares his knowledge on artificial intelligence. I saw a video from ANC 24/7 where anchor Tony Velasquez interviews him. This video helps to make us understand better what artificial intelligence is all about.

(Photo credit source:



(Video from Facebook ANC 24/7 )

(Video from YouTube Rappler page)


Next up are people in the business and agency world Donald Lim, Norman Agatep, Jane Villa and Jason Cruz who share their expertise in the agency, business, and influencer relationships.




Next up are Internet rockstars Ramon Bautista, Louise delos Reyes, Kim Cruz and Joyce Pring. They shared with us their experiences with social media, and how it has help them launch their careers.







A group of mentalists entertained us with their show called Mind Play. They remind me of the things that mentalist David Blaine does. All of their acts blew me away especially the last one wherein he did astral projection. He asks a volunteer to think of a place in her head, and recreate it in her mind where she’s been. Aside from that, he also calls in a medical professional present among the audience to take his vital signs, and announce if it was slowing down and stopping. Then he was able to guess what the girl was thinking, (the place is Saranggani) and even gave her a handful of sand that he got from Saranggani the volunteer was imagining.



Mr. Daniel Meyer shares in a nutshell how analytics help blogger analyze their corresponding blog or video’s reach.


Carlo Ople of shares to us to that in order to be good at something, you need to spend 10,000 hours with it. He encourages us to spend our time wisely, and use that time to be productive, and not waste away doing nothing.




Attorney JJ Disini shares his knowledge on protecting ourselves legally while we use social media.



I am looking forward to future Blogapalooza events. It was a success, and I met new people through this event. My friends Aileen, Johaness, and I took our time to have photos at the venue as well. I enjoyed every minute that I was in here.






Foreign Books that Inspired Me to Be Better

I have read so many books in my entire life. My ultimate favorites are biographies, classics, history, and mysteries. We have these Pocket Classic condensed books with titles  like Pride and Prejudice,  Heidi,  The Scarlet Letter, The Hound of the Baskervilles and many more.

These books I will mention are those that help to make me who I am today. I am a self -motivated individual who loves to learn new things. Children of today are lucky to be born into a world where there is internet. Just type a few keywords and voila! You get an answer for your homework. Not unlike during my time, especially highschool. You need to research in a library, only to find that the answer your looking for is not in any of the books there.

There’s this subject called Filipino, and we’re suppose to be doing analysis on the literature such as Ibong Adarna (The Adarna Bird), Florante at Laura (Florante and Laura), Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. I am frustrated because I am unable to find answers. It would have been different if the internet was available during my time.

These books I will include here have made an impact in my life, and in a way, has shaped who I am today. Here they are in no particular order:

Pocket Classics Books:




Swiss Family Robinson, and Robinson Crusoe


Hound of the Baskervilles


Agatha Christie books



Florence Littauer’s books Personality Plus






Ken Blanchard’s Leadership and the One Minute Manager



Madeleine L’Engle’s books


The Velveteen Rabbit


Haruki Murakami Norwegian Wood


The Little Prince


Next time, I will share books that have improved my way of thinking. Lately I am getting interested in learning how to do business. You can’t rely on your full time job to earn money. I still have a long way to go though. I hope you can share with me your favorite books as well. Have a great day!



Photo credits:

The Little Prince from

Heidi photo Pocket Classics link

Robinson Crusoe Pocket Classics link

Hound of the Baskervilles Pocket Classics link

Agatha Christie book Funerals are Fatal link Many Waters photo link

Norwegian Wood Haruki Murakami link Personality Plus book link Leadership and the One Minute Manager link

The Velveteen Rabbit link

Kokology Amazon link

Cover photo from

Finding Inspiration for Bloggers and Vloggers this 2018

Yes, one thing is in my mind right now. I want 2018 to be my year. Why? Finally, I have found my purpose and that is to be a blogger, and hopefully a vlogger. Sometimes I am having sleepless nights thinking of all those possibilities. I ask myself the following questions:

What are the things I can do to improve myself?

What can I do right now with what I have?

What are the things that I will do in order to get to where I want to be?

Overwhelming right? I know I have to remind myself to stop overthinking and to just be contented with what I have and where I am right now. I am thinking of getting a good camera, a drone, and a sports camera so that I will have great content. But all of that will happen in the right time. I have to be happy with the laptop I have in the mean time.  Oh, let’s not forget my handy  point and shoot camera as well.

So, whenever I go out with family, I simply try to find inspiration through unexpected blogging opportunities. It trains you to be ready for anything that may come your way. It can be anything that you see, or don’t notice at all at first glance.

Last Saturday, my family and I visited loved ones in Loyola Memorial Park. It’s a cemetery that’s one ride near my place. I think a good way to take photo in here is to take a photo of something serene, or beautiful. For example, I decided to take photos of the flowers laid on the ground.






Another example, we had lunch unexpectedly at this Japanese restaurant called Bono Tei.  Then all of a sudden, the light bulb moment appeared, and the alarm went off. Hah! A blogging opportunity! Anyway, here are some of the photos I took while having our meal there.




Another inspiration came up when I tried the app in  called Makeup Plus. People are looking for Halloween look ideas online, but the answer is here in this Google Playstore app all along. So I posted a blog about this last Halloween. Sometimes, when I look for something, I go to the Google Playstore first. Here are sample screenshot photos taken :




So, just in case you feel you’re out of ideas, think again. The next best blogging or vlogging idea might just be hovering there near you. Have a great day!