Philippines Local Buys: 1st Pharma Isopropyl Alcohol Spray

I was visiting this grocery at Quezon Avenue in Quezon City with my father. Classes and work have been suspended because of the jeepney strike, so now there’s a chance to go out and relax.

2017-10-16 02.44.20 2.jpg

It’s called the Shopwise Express. I got the chance to browse its aisles with the limited time I have since I don’t know when I’ll be back in Quezon City.

2017-10-16 02.44.33 2.jpg

What is it that I need to have right now? Yes, a hand sanitizer. So I went around the aisles, and while doing so, I was lucky to find this isopropyl alcohol spray called 1st Pharma.  According to their label, the product promises the following benefits:

  1. It’s gentle, safe to the skin
  2. It’s an all-purpose isopropyl alcohol spray. You can use it for all your sanitizing needs
  3. It gives off a fresh and clean scent


What attracted me to this product? I enumerated the reasons below:


I like this because it has a Green Tea Extract, and according to the label of this bottle, ” With Green Tea Extract that acts as antioxidant and antiinflamatory.”


I like that the product is not bulky. It’s handy, and easy to use. You just have to be careful when using this product, making sure no one is in the way when you use the spray. Make sure the sprayer pump lid cap is shut tight so that no product spills.

Aside, from that, it has a pink plastic sprayer pump that disperses the product in mist. It also has a transparent plastic cap to cover the sprayer pump. Perfect for anyone who loves the color pink.


The product is affordable, its price is marked at 26.25 Philippine Peso ( approximately $0.50 cents when converted to US Dollar)



The back label information up close






I am not sure if this product is available at all stores. But for starters, you may visit your nearest Shopwise Express store today, and ask a salesperson who works there.  By the way, this is not a sponsored blog, and I bought the product with my own money.

But no need to worry, because you can contact them via social media. For  more information about 1st Pharma products, please visit the 1st Pharma Facebook page. Thanks for reading everyone. Have a great day!


The Media Launch

Words and Photos by: Ana Liza Benetua

Last October 14, 2017, I was able to attend’s Media Launch in Quezon City. is a Hair and Make-up Artists website whose main goal is “to raise the profile of cosmetic artisans in the Philippines”.  According to their portfolio, their mission is to “think of ways to Win Others Over- the reason we are called WOOmen.”


The launch was held at the Palm Grill in Tomas Morato Avenue.  I love their chosen venue to hold the launch because it’s cozy, and well-lit.


A few months prior to the launch, Ms. Guiden Amalay, one of the co-founders of, sent me an invite via Facebook Messenger. I felt a rush of excitement running up my spine because I will see Team WOOmen again.

I met Team WOOmen for the first time at their BEAUTY: DECONSTRUCTED workshop in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong. The place is near Shaw Boulevard. I won a ticket for the event via Ms. Sonjia Calit-Kakilala’s Instagram page. Ms. Sonjia is the Chief Social Officer of Aside from that, she is also the the model for their BEAUTY: DECONSTRUCTED workshop.



There were some challenges faced while traveling to go to the event itself. I was shocked to see the roads filled with vehicles,  bumper to bumper, on a Saturday afternoon in the metropolis.  These places had the heaviest traffic: Buendia Avenue, Quiapo, Manila, and near Banawe. Que horror! At the same time, the weather seems to have a mind of its own, bringing gray clouds and mild showers merrily along with it. (I am beginning to sound like a weather girl.)

Amid the hurdles faced, I was able to cross and jump over it.  I managed to arrive despite the Gordian knot of a traffic situation I had experienced earlier. I asked the security guard if the event is already finished. Lucky me, because he replied that the launch is still on-going. Whew! Thank you!

I went inside Palm Grill and what greeted  me is a  gorgeous venue, styled a la mode. The ceilings in the loft area are lined with yellow and black balloons, reminiscent to the’s color scheme. The tables in the ground floor are also decorated with black balloons as well.




The registration area is a sight. I am loving the creative vibe the event brings! Every thing on the table is well-thought out. Too bad for me because I wasn’t able to get some of the goodies from them because I arrived late. But that’s OK, because in spite of that, I was still able to make it. DSC08068.JPG



As you climb up the stairs, you’ll see the loft where the main event was held. Near this bright mural of leaves, stands the poster. DSC08096.JPG

A custom-made paper place mat that you can color your own way.


The most important ingredient in an event such as this are the people you meet along the way.  After all, an event is not complete without the people itself. You get a lot ichigou ichie moments (meeting for the first time). At the same time, it’s also nice to touch base, and chat with the gorgeous ladies I have met previously at the BEAUTY: DECONSTRUCTED workshop like Abbie Victorino, CEO and Founder of Stylegenie. ph

Mindy, and Abbie Victorino, founder and CEO of
Photo op with Team and attendees



DSC08082.JPG Co-founders Chrislyn Cruz and KC Carandang
Chrislyn, KC, and professional make-up artist Michelle Miranda
Pabz and one of the founders of Guiden Faith Amalay


Overall, the Media Lauch is a success.  You can sense so much positive vibes that it’s literally lingering above our heads. You can still feel the love in the air hovering, which is evident in the photos posted below:


Team Pabz, Guiden, Chrislyn, Myca( I hope I spelled the name right), Gelo, Kristine and Shu


Of course, I also have to thank Bryan who works at Palm Grill (or is it Brian, hope I spelled his name right) for happily obliging to have his photo taken beside the poster. Hmmm, a model in the making. What do you think?


Me with the funny lips. I was not able to have my photo taken at the photobooth. Oh well, this will have to do.


Are you an aspiring or a professional hair or makeup artist? If you’re reading this, I tell you,  this is  your chance to shine. Simply check out the official WOOmen website and their social media accounts, and sign up to be part of the WOOmen squad today. I will post the links below:

Instagram: IG

Facebook: FB

Source Credit for content:

Goal and mission from The Official About Us page  

One Step Closer to My Goal

I want to apologize. This is not what I am suppose to be blogging today, but I just got the surprise of my life today. But before all that, I want to start off  with this. We all have one common link, and that is we all have a  dream.

Yes, we all have dreams that we want to come true. It can be anything. Your own house. A new job. Meeting the love of your life. For the longest time, I have been wanting to pursue my Nursing career again.

Yes, one step closer. I am suddenly reminded of a favorite song called A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. My favorite part of the song is when she sings, ” One step closer, one step closer. I have died every day waiting for you. Darling don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years. I’ll love you for a thousand more.” All it takes is one step closer. Don’t be afraid to take baby steps. Hurrying things up will lead to disaster. I am reminded again of what my fave CSI character Gil Grissom says. “If you want to go faster, go slow.”

OK, so now I spill the beans.  Drum roll sound effects please. And here it goes. Today, I found out that I was one of the thirty winners of a free training from FDM Training Center.

I was so lucky. Anway, I will call the institution and let them know the free course I will take. I will all keep you posted on this training I will take.

Personally, I encourage all of you to attend at least one health course near you. Who knows when that knowledge will come in handy. I really recommend you guys to take BLS or Basic Life Support courses. It helps to be prepared in case of an emergency within your work, or family.


Well, I just hope that all your dreams come true. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. Have a great day every one.

Photo Credit:

Winner list photo taken from FDM Training Center

Feature image of nurse from

My October Beauty Must Haves

Hello everyone. How have you guys been? It’s been raining here in the Philippines, and I wish for more sunny days so that I can hang out my clothes to dry after doing the laundry.

We all have our list of must- haves. The ones I listed here are personal favorites. They are not sponsored at all . I am not getting paid for it.  Here are some of the products that I love, and  I have been using some of them for a while. Some of these products were given,  and some I got as lootbags or raffle prizes from giveaways and events. But the moment I tried them, I absolutely loved them. Here are some of them that I adored the most so far.

1)Benefit‘s The POREfessional Face Primer

This product is true to its promise of minimizing the appearance of pores. My huge pores have always been a problem, so I was glad to have this product handy when putting on my makeup. It’s lightweight. It does not leave my face greasy at all. I love it!!



2) Pink Sugar Sugar Tint Lip and Cheek Tint in Honey Bunny shade

Lately I have been loving nude lippies, and this Pink Sugar Tint is the answer. It glides easily on my lips when I use the applicator. Though it dries fast, it still gives you the time to smack your lips together to even out the product. For more info, you may check out the Pink Sugar Facebook page here.




3) BYS Conceal and Correct

I am glad to have gotten this correcting product from a event that I attended. It has done its job of minimizing my eyebags, and redness in certain parts of my face,especially the nose and chin. It gave enough coverage to conceal the flaws I have and because it’s in a pan, it’s expected to give a light coverage than those correctors in a tube which are usually full coverage. But overall, I am happy with it. For questions, please visit the BYS Facebook page.


4)K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner

I was scared at first to try this at first because I am used to eyeliner pencils like the one from Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Eye Pencil. It’s like you’re grasping a brush pen for water color. But afterwards, I realized that I got the hang of using this product and it all takes practice. I like that it has a fine tipped end so you can make those gorgeous wing liners. It lasted all day too. Check out KPalette’s Facebook page here.



5) St. Ives Vitamin E and Avocado Lotion

Every one needs a good lotion . St. Ives helped to keep my skin  to moisturize the skin. Used it on my arms, hands, legs, and feet. I like that it’s Paraben free too.


Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free your absolute must-haves with me. Have a great day to all!

Get Money Savvy with Paypal’s Freelancer Community Workshop

by Ana Liza Benetua

I believe women should also learn how  the ins and outs of  the financial world. Last Friday, October 6, 2017, I was given the opportunity to attend PayPal‘s Freelancer Community Workshop. It was held at CoWorking located in Paseo de Roxas, Makati City.  Lucky for me, the weather was not feverishly hot at that time because the workshop starts at 2pm. If you’re a freelancer, and you have a PayPal

Walking along Ayala Avenue 


2017-10-08 15_59_30-38426881838-679568526-ticket (1).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.png
My ticket for the workshop


After registration, I was handed out a Paypal goodie bag. It contained a notebook and a pen for writing, plus a surprise I didn’t expect from Globe. A Globe GCash Mastercard that I can activate and link to my Paypal account. How cool is this! So lucky!




The speaker for that day was Fitz Villafuerte whose talk focuses on Paypal’s theme which is to “Take Control of Your Freelance Money” . He has a website called He explained to us the basics on how to manage earnings made from freelance jobs. I like the way he simplified concepts during the entire talk. I understood it the whole time. It’s like attending a Financial Management 101 class.

Fitz Villafuerte paypal




There were other talks from the previous dates. I was not able to attend the the workshop wherein Ms. Liz Lanuzo was the speaker. Liz is a beauty blogger for Project Vanity, and you can check her website But I have already registered for the next Paypal for Freelancers workshop on October 21 with Abe Olandres, founder of Yugatech.  If you’re interested to attend the next event, please CLICK here to register.


There was an open forum that allowed the attendees to ask questions afterwards. I felt empowered after listening to what Fitz has to say, answering one question after another. I highly encourage Filipinos, and people all over the world to attend financial literacy talks like this. Thank you PayPal for coming up with such an event.

I met new friends along the way too. Makeup artist Abie Mendiola, Ruth Gutierrez, and Ramon Bayron. Meeting new people is the coolest part of this entire experience.





Exercise 1: The One Thing You’re Good At

This will be a short post, more of a self reflection that you can do while doing your work, or on your way to the market, or going to the post office to send a post card. Here’s one question that you can try to answer:



This is one thing people forget about themselves, that there is always one thing that they’re good. The society has placed so much emphasis on multi tasking that it can drive people to shreds. Literally. Imagine people walking around looking forlorn, dismal, and torn.  Walking tattered clothes that’s it.

I believe that there’s one thing we’re good at. If you can name one, then that’s the spirit. If you can name more, all the more better. But for those who are confused, simply take baby steps when answering this. Take this question into heart, and savor it. Don’t be in a hurry to answer. If you need to go to a quiet place (if that’s what works for you) to reflect, then go. I hope that you find that one thing you’re good at. Crossing my fingers for you. Have a great day!!

Jellyfish Education Consultancy’s 4th Japan Education Fair and Convention in the Philippines

Words and most photos by: Liza Benetua

First of all, I want to apologize for going out of circulation lately. My priority right now is to look for work. I am a nurse by profession, and I am getting the call once more to serve the sick. There’s things I have to do before I can practice my Nursing profession  like renewing my license, and updating my skills as a Nurse. I am looking for a job at a Nursing Home so please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Last Saturday, I attended the 4th Japan Education Fair and Convention. I am really interested in learning the Japanese language to the full so I am looking for a school to learn Japanese and hopefully travel to as well.  For information about Jellyfish Education Consultancy, feel free to contact them on Facebook Jellyfish Education Consultancy.



To top things off, the event is free, no charges to pay for. All you have to do is register on their website, and you get a free e-ticket that you can print out or save to your smartphone. Got this cool bag too from the event in neon green!



As I arrived at the venue, I noticed that the entrance is swarming with attendees forming a queue to the entrance.



I got a few mishaps because we were suppose to have our e-ticket cut already. I assumed that the event holder have scissors. Luckily the paper for the e-ticket that I have printed out is thin, so I just tore it, folding it and making a crease before tearing it off. I wouldn’t want to give a ticket with jagged edges.

Upon entering, the first thing that you will see is the program flow of the convention.



Next are the booths for the different schools in Japan like Kyoto University, Hiroshima University, and many more.


My purpose is to look for a language school that will help me to learn Japanese. The one that I was drawn to was the Tochigi International Education Institute. I met Johnny So, the marketing for the school. He was very helpful with my queries about the school. Seated beside him is Haruka who has been in the Philippines for about three months. She is from Nagoya.  For more information about the school, you can check out the Tochigi International Education Institute Facebook page here.




The company Tuttle Publishing has an array of books that makes studying Japanese easier. Marketing officers pose eagerly for the camera! Please check their website


Marketing Officers CJ Regala Casuga and Angel Rayombong pose for the camera!

Job opportunities are available too at the convention. Fujitsu is currently hiring. You may check out the Fujitsu Facebook page here.




The main event is a program that showcases the different aspects of Japan, including working and studying and learning about the culture of Japan. I love how the stage looks beautifully decorated.


Part One of the program starts off with a Basic Japanese Language workshop by Sensei Daisuke Yamashita. He starts off with the greetings, and introducing oneself in Japanese.

Sensei Daisuke Yamashita



My gosh, I volunteered to do a role play on the greetings!



Next speaker is Mr Eichi Suzuki who talks about survival tips while studying in Japan. He gave his talk in a form of a quiz where everyone participates.




Next speaker is a mini Kendo exhibition by the Iga Kendo Club which I find very interesting. I think I will do this in the future. If you’re interested in Kendo, please check out the Iga Kendo Club Philippines Facebook page.




Next is a talk on Japan FAQs. The talk gives info on what it’s like to work in Japan and their culture.




Then, Sensei Daisuke Yamashita gives us an intro to origami. He taught us how to make a paper crane.







Marketing Officer for Tochigi International Educational Institute Johnny So talks about the demands and the opportunities for Filipinos in Japan.




Last but not the least , goen Kendama talks about Kendama. Speakers are They even did a Kendama exhibition and taught basic Kendama moves. A Kendama, according to is a ” a Japanese toy. The ken has three cups and a spike which fits into the hole in the ball.The principle of these toys are the same: catching one object with another, where both are joined by a string.” You can check out the goenKendama Facebook page here






You can also have your photo taken as a sumo wrestler, or get a chance to wrestle at the mat



Overall, it was a fun event. I made new friends too.

Newly found friends Juri, Franczeska and Angelo


Sensei Daisuke Yamashita and Franczeska


With host for the event Doreen





Wikimedia Commons photo link of Kendama 

Definition of Kendama from




Sunday and the Menstrual Blues


Hi everyone.  Hope you’re doing well.  Just an FYI, I am currently blogging Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. But due to some changes in my schedule, I have opted to write instead on a Sunday beginning today. My Saturdays are fully booked with activities so I have limited time to blog.

My Sunday right now is not so okay because of my painful menstruation. Prior to this, I was feeling cranky a few days earlier so forgive me for that. Every woman has this scheduled “monthly visitor” coming on a regular basis. It’s also called the red days. It’s best to prepare for this in advance. Lucky are those women whose periods are not painful. Some of my married women friends say that the pain diminishes when they got married to their husbands. I have yet to see that. But I know that they meant well.

Here in the Philippines, pads are the popular choice though tampons, the menstrual cup, and the washable pads are available already. Currently I am using this one by Charmee Feminine Pads Cottony. How I wish this pad was longer and a bit thick. I  usually get  three to four packs of these monthly and used two pads. One pack costs approximately 25 Philippine Pesos, but it may be even priced slightly higher. Aside from Charmee, I am also using Sofy and Jeunesse Anion pad.




For painful episodes, I am taking Medicol Advance Ibuprofen in 400 mg usually only when needed.



However, Buscopan has a new line called Buscopan Venus made specifically for dysmenorrhea. I bought only one because I haven’t tried it yet. Buscopan Venus so I only got one. It’s a bit expensive, and costs 29 Philippines Pesos per tab. On the other hand, the Medicol Advance Ibuprofen 400 mg only costs 10.50 Philippines Pesos. I will give my feedback about Buscopan Venus on next week’s blog post.


I also plot down the dates I had my period in the Menstrual Calendar portion of my Belle de Jour Power Planner. It’s very important to track this information so that when you visit your OB- GYN, you can show the calendar to the doctor. There are also apps for your smart phone that can help you track your period. The one I am currently using is Period Diary. It’s available for Android and iOS platforms. I posted the links below. Click on the underlined words of Android or iOs:

Period Diary Android

Period Diary iOS



Hope you can share with me what are some preparations you do before your menstruation arrives. Hope you’re all having a great day. Have a happy Sunday everyone!



Wishlist: Benefit Babies

The photos below are samplers of products that I got from Ms Martha Sta Barbara’s 7th The Beauty Junkee Anniversary last 2016.  I absolutely love them. I am planning to have these three products in my must have list.

I love their POREfessional line. It’s a lifesaver for my face whose pores are the size of giant craters (Sorry. Just exaggerating. Peace). My full size POREfessional Pro Balm is almost down to a zilch that I have to get a new one soon.  Same thing goes for my Brow Zings as well, I have used it well and about to get new ones for it too.

It’s worth spending for these thingamajigs because you know that they work and that they make you look good. For more info about Benefit’s products, you may check out their website Benefit Facebook Page.







Benefit babies lined up in a row.