My Pink Sugar Haul from The Beauty Junkee

I attended Ms Martha Sta Barbara’s The Beauty Junkee 8th Anniversary and one of the giveaways I got is this Pink Sugar brand of makeup set. You can check out my post about the event and follow Ms Martha’s blog. Thanks for the giveaway, Ms Martha!!


I wanted to learn more about Pink Sugar so I checked their website. Pink Sugar is a new brand that started in 2014.  The brains behind the Pink Sugar brand are brothers Laveen Mipuri and Rohit Mipuri.  It’s also nice to know that Pink Sugar is under the PETA’s Beauty without Bunnies program which means that it’s cruelty free. You may read about Pink Sugar’s Brand Philosophy in the link here.


Here are some of the Pink Sugar products that I got from Ms. Martha’s event which are the following:



First of all, what attracted me  to the Pink Sugar brand is their gorgeous psychedelic packaging.  It is bedecked in bright colors, majority of which are different hues of pink.  I will be doing a review on these products in the future. Second, I love how they gave a creative name for each of their products like the Honey I’m Good eyebrow kit. What a cool idea!

  1. Eye Candy Eye Shadow Palette




2) Honey I’m Good Eyebrow Kit in Sassy Brown





3) Sugar Tint in Honey Bunny





4) Pink Sugar HD Cheek Color



5) Pink Sugar Creamy Matte Lipstick in Sangria


For me, Pink Sugar is a good starter kit for those all beginner makeup afficionados out there. For more information about Pink Sugar and their products, please visit them in their website at






Pink Sugar official website

About Pink Sugar Brand Philosophy link


Image Credits:

PETA logo Cruelty Free  from Ethical Elephant website

Feature image Pink Sugar logo link

Photo of Ms Martha Sta Barbara The Beauty Junkee from

Surprise, Catrice and Essence Beauty Counters at SM

I recently visited a nearby department store called SM in my hometown Paranaque, and boy was I surprised to see the makeup counters of Essence and Catrice now at its beauty department. I truly believe that waiting is worth it all. It’s like being a little girl who finds a gold mine, only the gold mine referred to is makeup. Catrice and Essence products are recently receiving raves from beauty bloggers I am following.

It’s not easy finding the right beauty product, however these beauty bloggers are a big help to me because they themselves have tried the products. They have given their opinions regards the rating of the beauty product. Of course the comment would vary depending on how the product turns out for them. I am excited to find makeup that works for me, and has been tried and tested by the makeup experts like makeup artists and beauty bloggers themselves.

For all makeup afficionados, there are more variety now when it comes to choosing beauty products now available at SM. I am so excited to see these changes.



I hope more makeup brands come here in the Philippines.